6 Marketing Lessons I Learned From My 80's Spotify Playlist…

I must listen to music when writing a blog post… It simply is the only way.

Often, my playlists often vary from hardcore rock, to pop punk, to the soulful country tunes of Keith Urban or Big n’ Rich, all genres are fair game on the “Parris Pod.”

However, on this particular day, I ran into one of my playlists I titled “Soul Food” in honor of the feel-good tunes from the 80’s. The further down I scrolled, the more I realized that many of the 80’s lyrics provide exceptional reminders for marketers to remember when establishing a marketing strategy.

*Mind, blown!*

Or, you might be sitting at your desk thinking: “This woman must have forgotten to take her psych meds today!” Fortunately for you, I am not crazy!

Let me break it down for you:80's Spotify Playlists

  1. You Can’t Hurry Love- The Supremes. “You can’t hurry love/No, you just have to wait/She said love don’t come easy/It’s a game of give and take…” You can’t hurry the affection of your customers. When potential customers are contemplating whether they want to invest in your company or not, they take trust into consideration. This is when marketing becomes crucial. I wrote an article last week with tips to build trust in your business; healthy branding doesn’t just develop overnight, therefore trust in your company doesn’t develop overnight. A constant flow of original and curated content is a surefire way to encourage leads to trust in your product or service.
  2. Livin’ on a Prayer- Bon Jovi. “Take my hand and we’ll make it- I swear…” Marketing is all about trial and error. Sometimes the most well thought-out and time consuming marketing campaigns will fail. This is not a direct reflection of your marketing talents, it just means that your consumers are not necessarily engaged by that sort of content. This isn’t necessarily bad news; you can learn a lot from failed campaigns… Your perception is key: try, try again.
  3. Push It- Salt-N-Peppa. “…Push it good…Push it real good…” Content! Content! Content! When you provide a constant stream of content (whether e-blasts, tweets, statuses, pictures, etc.) you allow for more engagement. There have been many studies performed on the effectiveness of “sharing” content and word-of-mouth referrals, surprise! People rely on their friends and family to influence them into a purchase.
  4. Video Killed the Radio Star- The Buggles (1979 close enough). The title says enough. Visual content and video blogging is a very effective marketing strategy. A handful of articles from December 2013 made predictions for content marketing, stating that there will be a huge shift to primarily visual content including infographics, vlogs, advertisements, etc.
  5. Funkytown- Pseudo Echo. “Keep me grovin’ with some energy…Won’t you take me to/Funkytown..” Though I’m sure “funkytown” had its own meaning in this song, let’s imagine “funkytown” means something along the lines of a fun place of originality. A handful of companies used some (out there) imagination in their advertisements for 2013, and it had a huge impact on consumers! This isn’t to say that you should spend a ton of money on creating an outlandish TV advertisement; I’m simply saying that people like “never-been-done” ideas, so take a swing at it and write a fun blog post or create an engaging Facebook contest… We believe in you.
  6. Blister in the Sun- Violent Femmes. There is going to come a time when your business ends up in the spotlight because of a difficult customer who has made a harmful statement about your company out of spite or maybe a conflict of interest with an employee, whatever the reason… This is NOT the time to blister in the sun (like some of these companies did). Let your personable customer service team take matters into their hands and don’t be afraid to apologize publicly.

Marketing QuoteEvery audience, no matter the industry, is Holding Out for a Hero, and they’re hoping that you will provide them with the product or service that will either immensely help their business (B2B), make them the “cool” New Kids on the Block with your innovative product (B2C).

I hope this article inspires you to Pump Up the Jam on your marketing strategies and take them to the next level! Don’t be afraid to take a Shot in the Dark; remember, marketing is a relentless process of predicting buyer behavior, which is always changing.

Don’t Stop Believing, my friends.

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