Promotional Products Are the Game!

Yesterday afternoon, a few of us recalled a brilliant old-school rap song and proceeded to sing the lyrics (and hum when the words escaped our consciousness).

Long story short, this lead to a fantastic session of brainstorming, during which we spat raps with our company features. It was a good time.

That being said, I may have taken the mid-day fun a little too seriously… But I created a poem about our company for your “Hump Day” pleasure!


*It is much more enticing when your inner voice raps it… Just a suggestion.


We are the great TO;

We’re here to show you Promo.

Making your biz websites,

Giving you the insights.


Promotional products are the game.

We’re helping your company make a name,

Among businesses that are all the same;

Customer service is our claim to fame


We integrate eCommerce

For prices that won’t break your purse!

Want to grow your online sales?

We’ll help you with all the details.


We understand you might like a test drive

Totally cool! We want you to thrive.

Trial for free, watch your site come alive,

Give us a call and we’ll give you a high-five!


Are you bored of your one dimensional images?

Pay attention to one of our favorite messages:

We have the ultimate client engagement experience

Our virtual samples will make all the difference!


Our Trade Only Vision can’t be any better;

You’ll love it so much you might write it a love letter.

Find thousands of products including a sweater,

Then, monitor your sales performance; you’ll be a go-getter!


Our packages come in all shapes and sizes

Vision 1, Vision 2, Vision 3 the best deal comprises.

We have Store Lite and Store for timid folk

At $30 and $50… You’ll never go broke!


Try a trial and train with our Education Director Tracey.

The knowledge she has, you’ll see prima facie.

She’ll take you through features, she’s not at all spacey…

You’ll feel like a pro; now, snaps for Tracey!


Martin is the CEO

When you meet him, you will be like “woah!”

He’s full of knowledge; he’s basically a pro…

Who knows? He might also teach you to free throw!


Managing finance and operations is Julie.

We all really think she is quite a beauty.

She’s productive, efficient, and personable;

After talking to her, your insight will double!


SEO, press releases, social media, and more…

Our VP of marketing, Liz, will help you explore

The convenience of our Trade Only store.

Her British accent you’ll truly adore.


These are just some of our TO employees;

We’ll talk to you whenever, we’re here to appease.

We hope you call us for some information…

We promise you’ll laugh during the phone call duration!

A brilliant game of soda flip-cup!

A brilliant game of soda flip-cup!

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