300: The Rise of Small Business–SPOILER ALERT!

Before you divulge yourself in this article, take note this article has spoilers for 300: Rise of an Empire.



That being said, I will commence this article on the glorious battlefield we like to call: The WordPress Blog…

I had the pleasure of attending 300: Rise of an Empire over the weekend; boy, was it a pleasure. 300 was arguably the most exciting action movie from the past 10 years; I couldn’t cease the terribly thrilling dreams of fighting on the front line for the Spartans, for years… Nor did I want them to stop. 300: Rise of an Empire was on the same level as the 2006 flick.

After the movie ended, I replayed scenes in my head, connected the dots, and realized that both 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire have an extremely powerful message for small businesses and startups!

Though you may be thinking: “Well, you’re not so bright… The 300 Spartans, though they fought a valiant fight, were violently murdered by the Persian jerk Xerxes.” My friend, you are correct. However, in 300: Rise of an Empire, the game completely changes; that warm, proud feeling you get in your chest when the underdog is resuscitated, and comes back full-force will engulf your person just before the rolling credits.


Small businesses don’t get enough credit.

We are expected to rise to the same marketing, technological, and customer service levels as the big guys. Yet, our numbers are smaller and we have fewer resources. That doesn’t mean, however that we have less fight. Sometimes we have more strength and commitment than Fortune 500 companies!

300: Rise of an Empire, whether intentionally or unintentionally, provides a great deal of small business tips and strategy throughout the plot. Here’s what I mean…

Me. Prepping for battle. I hand carved the sword.

Me. Prepping for battle. I hand carved the sword.

You must gather ALL of your resources and make use of them. Business efficiency is not achieved by individual efforts, rather a collective use of time and energy. After receiving word from the Scyllias that the Persian navy was more than prepared to overtake Greece, Themistocles held a meeting during which he accumulated support from the various city states to establish a unified navy. Though honorable martyrs of the great country of Greece, the Spartans were unable to defeat Xerxes as an individual city state; in order to hold a chance against the powerful Persian navy, Greece needed a united front.

The same holds true to small business. If all progress of a small business is contingent upon an individual or even a small group of individuals’ talent and manpower, defeat in one form or another will ensue. Make use of all of the hands that are invested in your business. The “team-effort” mentality goes a long way in business.

You must stay on the offensive; do not let your guard down. When the Greek and Persian navies commenced their first battle, Themistocles arranged his ships in a circle to create an impenetrable, offense from each side. Though the Greeks were outnumbered, their strategic approach to the first battle created a minor panic among the Persians, and surprised Artemisia (the Persian navy leader).

Be prepared to react to any penetration to your business plans. Whether you experience a customer complaint or a shortage of funds for a particular project, stay alert and ready to respond. There’s no time to sit and ruminate on your situation, take immediate action.

You must make use of your landscape. Make it work for you and understand your advantages. After making a sturdy first impression with the Persian navy, Themistocles was determined to continue implementing strategy, whenever applicable. He made use of the Greek land to trap Persian ships in a rocky fjord, destroying a handful of Persian ships. Just when the Persians thought they were out of luck, Greek warriors jump onto the halted ships from the cliff sides and engage in hand-to-hand combat with the Persians.

Understanding your prospective industry and your placement within is one of the most productive strategies you can implement as a small business. It might not seem very “strategic” to understand your industry, but in order to use all available resources and stay on the offensive; you must first understand where your business stands. Are you in a very competitive industry? If so, you might need to focus more on original engaging content rather than curated content. Do your competitors use print marketing yet they are incognito online? To get a leg up, you should focus your efforts on engaging your potential online customers. There are so many benefits to understanding your surroundings in business and creating your marketing strategy, and also your business model accordingly.

Do NOT give in to your enemy. Do NOT conform. Stand your ground. When Artemesia summons Themistocles to her ship to discuss his success as a Greek commander, things get violently hot… Very, very violently hot. Despite Artemesia’s seductive attempt, Themistocles refuses to forfeit his command of the Greek navy and lead the Persians. Themistocles sticks to his gut and remains passionate about his beloved country.

As a small business, it is imperative to cultivate uniqueness and hold tight to your instincts. There will be times in your adventure during which you will be seduced to relinquish your direction for the company for a “big-win” promise. Use your intuition, nine times out of ten it is on par.

Sometimes, a passionate pep-talk is all you need to refocus your primary purpose. Don’t underestimate its effect. After the Greek navy suffered a deadly defeat against an emotionally unstable Artemesia, the Greeks were near-ready to forfeit the fight and watch their country fall under Persian rule. After watching his right-hand-man Scyllias die in his arms, Themistocles let the passion for his country influence his final speech to the Greek men. This was just the motivation the Greeks needed to face battle one la


The beloved Greek Sword of Small Business.

st time.

The individuals you hand-select to help run your small business willingly yield their time and energy into developing a successful business. Whatever your mission may be, you must remind your team of their ultimate purpose frequently. Team meetings where you rally your leads and unify your employees under a solitary objective will greatly behoove your team morale and profitability.

Take a lesson or two from the Greek warriors and I guarantee your small business will flourish.

Though Winston Churchill came to fame centuries later, I believe this quote is quite applicable:

“Never give in—never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

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