How the Sword of Excalibur Can Inspire Your Web Design!

For those of you with a hefty background in science fiction, you already know the story of the legendary Excalibur sword.

If you didn’t spend your youth engulfed in sci-fi, then the legend of Excalibur is either foreign or a distant memory.

Here is a brief background story:

Many moons ago, the British citizens, were engulfed by turmoil; their King, Uther was unexpectedly deceased. Without a High King, their land was in borderline turmoil.

Merlin, counselor to Uther and sorcerer on the side, had an idea: he would use his magic to insert a sword into solid stone, only to be removed by the next High King. Many men attempted, and failed to remove this sword, until Arthur, Uther’s son.

I guess I'm the next High King... egghhem, Queen.

I guess I’m the next High King… egghhem, Queen.

Arthur removed the sword and became the High King of Britain. As an initiation into this coveted position, Merlin took Arthur to the woods and introduced him to the Lady of the Lake. She bestowed upon him, a magical, unbreakable sword, which prevents the owner from any mortal wounds in battle. This, is the world renowned sword of Excalibur.

Many men desired the sword of Excalibur. They tried to attain the sword in battle, but failed often dying in the attempt, while Arthur reveled in the protection of the sword and achieved great success in battle.

A good web design is the equivalent of Excalibur. It protects you from the competition, and propels you towards a path of success!

Many, many SMBs desire a well designed website, but few achieve Excalibur quality. Businesses with weak web design stand little to no chance against the business who invests in the development of a sleek, logo-designed website!

Just how important is the visual stimulus of a site’s design and layout? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here are some strong-handed statistics:

  • Your site’s loading time plays a primary role in the overall appeal. “40% of web users leave pages that take more than 3 seconds to load.”
  • Most web pages take 2.078 seconds (on average) to load. This means that most web users are frustrated upon initial landing on your page.
  • Bounce rate and loading time have a direct correlation. The higher your loading time, the higher your bounce rate.
  • “94% of people cite design as a reason they do not trust certain sites.” 94%! That is quite a load of people who will refuse to invest in your business if your site is poorly designed.

How can design have this much impact?

Well, think about it… Your web page is often the very first impression customers have of your business. With these statistics, is it worth it to skimp on your site’s design? I would say absolutely not.

Yet, so many business place web design at the end of their priorities list.

Now that you are completely convinced that web design is priority number one, what makes up a great website design? Well, what made Excalibur King Arthur’s best asset?

What you see is what you get. Keep your site simple. Ever heard of the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)? It applies here. The whole purpose of online shopping and internet browsing is the ease. Your customers do not want to sift through pages of content to find their answers. Sleek and sophisticated will do the job (just like Excalibur).

Did Arthur have to fill out a questionnaire to use Excalibur? No, he didn’t. Your customers shouldn’t have to either. The last thing you want to do is test the patience of your site visitors. Should they have to fill out a “Sign-Up” form in order to read your content? I say no; I think King Arthur would agree.

The features of Excalibur were renown; your featured products should make front page. Banners are one of best assets to a well-designed website. Having a sale for the holidays? Feature it. Promoting a particular product? Feature it. Nicely designed banners will increase your sales on featured products.

Did Excalibur have graffiti on the blade? No. Blank space can go a long way. White space might cause you a bit of anxiety, but I promise you it is better for your customers than an overwhelming web page with so much text, your customers throw in the towel.

King Arthur didn’t have to jump through hoops to use Excalibur; give users a break, make your navigation easy. I have had my fair share of Internet browsing, where I get so frustrated with the misleading navigation, that I exit the site and cut my losses. Prevent your bounce rate with an easy to navigate site.

If you had the opportunity to adopt the sword of Excalibur, an invincible weapon of protection that would make you into an unbeatable knight, you would take it, right?

Let me rephrase that question: if you had the opportunity to adopt a web design that would protect your business from bounce rates and low engagement, making your business unbeatable in your industry, you would take it, right?

Here is the brilliant infographic our email marketer found about web design, which I used to extract the above statistics. I hope you find it as inspirational as I did. Remember, your website can be your best weapon, or your mortal foe. Choose wisely.


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