An Ode to the Small Business Entrepreneur

I have officially dedicated April 14, 2014 (4/14/14, perfect right?) “Small Business Entrepreneur Appreciation Day.”

In honor of all of you small business entrepreneurs, I have written an ode. Read it and weep!


An Ode to the Small Business Entrepreneur


Our, dear, beloved small business owner,

Your world contribution far surpasses what you likely believe.

The determination you exude is only matched by the barriers you achieve.

In a skyscraper world with a tooth and nail fight

You keep your head held high and push right through the night.

Despite the overwhelmingly lonely tendencies,

You never succumb to the dependencies

Of validation from your family, friends, and the industry at large.

Persistence is your one key to success,

You spend days, nights (sometimes tea) learning a new marketing technique.

Through trial and error you study online trends, never letting your energy peak.

I admire your strength despite difficulties

Even during your eCommerce activities.

Creating a business strategy is a great feat;

You handle it with class, and thrive in the heat.

Creation, innovation, and augmentation are your contributions.


“Life is a journey, not a destination” they say;

You manage to make both quite appealing anyway.

Your confidence and dedication are on display

To inspire the world in your very special way.

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