The 50 BEST Small Business Marketing Tools


The Secret to Small Business Marketing

As per my blog post yesterday, I promised a curated list of 50 marketing tools for small business owners, and I am going to provide just that.

Bookmark all of these marketing blogs, or bookmark by category. Whichever you prefer, these tools will come in handy for your small business!

I have broken these marketing tools into the following categories: Site Traffic, Email Marketing, Blogging, Content Marketing, General Social Media Marketing, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Video Content Marketing.

Let the curation begin!

Site Traffic

How to Dramatically Increase Pageviews on Your Website

Content to Keep Off Your Website

Landing Pages Work

Email Marketing

10 Email Marketing Campaigns Analyzed to Increase Email Conversions

10 Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing

7 Myths of Email Marketing (Infographic)

Want Customers to Open Your Emails? Read This.

Email Marketing’s 10 Most Important Questions, Answered


25 Blog Post Ideas for the Uninspired

8 Simple Copywriting Tips, Backed By Science

14 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts After You Publish

Tell Your Business Story, One Blog at a Time

101 Blogging Tips for Successful Business Blogs

16 Blogging Resources to Improve Your Blog

Need Ideas for Your Business Blog? Here are 50

52 Tips to be a Better Writer

Content Marketing

10 Content Marketers Reveal Their Secrets

How 15 Brands Create Great Content Marketing That Works

The Surprising Words That Get Top Content Shared

How to Find More Content Ideas than You’ll Ever be Able to Create

The Science of Emotion in Marketing: How Our Brains Decide What to Share and Whom to Trust

CoPromote: Grow Your Influencer Network

Buzzsumo: Content Curation Tool

General Social Media Marketing

10 Tips for Better Social Media Status Updates

26 Tips to Create Social Media Magic for Your Business

Social Media Branding: 16 Tips to Create a Consistent, Relevant & Trusted Social Brand

6 Simple Photo Tools for Creating Social Media Visuals

A Scientific Guide to Posting Tweets, Facebook Posts, Emails, and Blog Posts at the Best Time

Social Media Branding (Sizes in Pixels)

Why is Ford’s Social Media Strategy So Good?

Canva: Design Social Media Images

HootSuite: Social Media Management

Pinterest Marketing

12 Most Strategic Ways to Use Pinterest For Marketing

How Pinterest Can Turn Your Brand Red-Hot [Infographic]

How to: Make Cute Pinterest Cover Boards

Facebook Marketing

Freebie Friday: Primp Your Facebook Page

35 Creative Ways to Use Images on Facebook

How to Draw People To Your Facebook Page Again and Again

How to Use Facebook For Online Branding- A Detailed Facebook Branding Guide


Here’s How to Make Sure Your Tweets Go Viral


A 5-Minute Plan for Mastering LinkedIn Marketing [Infographic]

Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Strategies Your B2B Campaign Can’t Live Without

80% Of Social Media B2B Leads Come From LinkedIn (Infographic)


How to Use Google+ As a Blogger


Why You Might Want to Consider Advertising on Instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

101 Tips for Using Instagram For Business

Video Content Marketing

The Power of Video for Businesses [Infographic]

The Rise of Video Marketing

PowToon: Create Animated Videos and Presentations


If you would like to see any more categories on this list, comment on our blog or email me at and I will make adjustments!

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