5 Tips for Promoting Your Summer Products

5 Tips for Promoting Your Summer Products

We are almost two weeks into summer, which means that your summer-esque promotional products are in season! Think beach balls, folding chairs, arc umbrellas, flip flops, and Coolies… Anything you can bring to the beach, should be in the forefront of your mind in all marketing endeavors.

It would be simple to post Tweet after Tweet saying “Want your business’ name on every beach ball on the sand this summer?” or something of this sort, for the next 3 months… But, is this the most efficient way to market your products?

I would say that is a negative, ghost rider.

Marketing is no longer effective when you tell people they should buy something. No one listens to that kind of direction, anymore. What they do listen to is why they need your product, and how it will benefit their lives.

Advertisements are also shifting from plain text to rich text. Online users generally want to engage with content, we just need to provide them with content that is worth the share.

At this point, you are probably excited to start promoting your summer products. You want to get creative, but you have no idea where to start.

So, here are 5 innovative ideas for promoting your summer products, which will hopefully spark some other ideas of your own.

  1. Create a “Summer” board on Pinterest. Pinterest can be a great tool for marketing product images. But, you want to avoid the common belief that posting product images
    Free people does a GREAT job creating an "atmosphere" board, rather than a "selling" board.

    Free people does a GREAT job creating an “atmosphere” board, rather than a “selling” board.

    is all you have to do to market your products efficiently. Pinterest is all about dream boards, and I guarantee your Pinterest followers don’t dream about your products, but you want them to. Which is why your “Summer” board should be a collection of pins with a summer vibe. Think beautiful beach photos, fun summer activities, and your products. Or maybe beautiful beach photos with your products (See #5).

  2. Create a slideshow on Slideshare. Like I said in our blog 9 Ways Visuals Will Change Your Small Business, visuals are the content of the future. You should spend less time writing about how amazing your product is, and focus on showing your followers how great your product is. Slideshows are a great way to visualize your products, without taking up too much of your time. How to Never Give UpAll you have to do is create a stimulating PowerPoint presentation, and then upload it to Slideshare. Not convinced this is an efficient content platform? Check out this slideshow.
  3. Infographic. Do you have a breakdown of the top selling summer promo products, sitting around in a folder, from last year? Great. Put those stats into an infographic! You can create infographics with tools like easel.ly or infogr.am. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, and some good content. You put the two together, and share. Tell your customers why they should purchase your summer products, and how it will help their business.
  4. Create a short video with Vine. Vine is a great tool for those of us who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for professional video coverage. How it works: you have a few seconds to create a fun, looping video. You can use clips from different videos, or you can record and stop whenever you want. You can get as creative as you want with this one. If you want to go really crazy, record an in-office skit.
  5. Product photoshoot. Featuring your product images with a white background, on your website, is great because the focus is on the product. But, when you want to Product-Photographymarket your products, you want to convince people that they need your product. A product photoshoot is an amazing way to show your customers how their products will look in real life. People want to see how their beach chair would look laying in the sand or how fashionable their coolie would look with their beach tote. Don’t complicate the process; all you need to do is select a few of your favorite summer products, make sure your iPhone battery is charged, and have some fun setting up a beach scene. Don’t live near a beach? Use your backyard to create a BBQ vibe.

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