The BEST Customer Service Tips… Ever!

Customer service is the blood of a business.

When your blood is healthy, your body is healthy.

You must maintain healthy customer service, or your business will crumble.

Think of your last customer service experience… dreamstimefree_186042

If it was a bad experience, you most likely developed a nasty taste in your mouth. I think it would be safe to say that you won’t be returning for their services.

If, however, you had a good experience, it probably made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you want to go back for more.

That’s just basic human psychology.

To help you achieve the most kick-butt customer service experience for your small business, I have accumulated some of my all-time favorite customer service articles for you to browse.

Remember: “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong” -Donald Porter

The sooner you start implementing these tips and tricks into your strategy, the sooner you will establish better, more meaningful relationships with your customers!

Enhancing your customer service is not a wasted effort, ever. Neither is learning, so grab your pencils and notepads and start taking notes!

General Customer Service Tips

5 Quick Tips for Lasting Customer Service

5 Key Words of Advice from the World’s Most Famous Customer Service Representative

7 Customer Service Lessons from a Jedi Master

7 Customer Service Lessons from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Customer Service Matters Much More Than You May Think

5 Things Elite Customer Service Teams Never Do

Social Media Customer Service

6 Reasons Social Media is Your Secret Weapon in Customer Service

The 7 Musts of Customer Service on Social Media

The Complete Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service

5 Ways to Offer Social Customer Service with Facebook

Customer Service Quotes

40 Eye-Opening Customer Service Quotes

Customer Service Quotes: What You Can Learn From the Experts

39 Quotes for Customer Service Bliss

Customer Service Inspiration

10 Stories of Unforgettable Customer Service

8 Fresh Customer Service Ideas Worth Stealing

J. Crew’s Hand-Written Ad Is Customer Service Perfection

This is Customer Service at its Finest

Google Customer Service Steps Into the Spotlight

Lessons in Customer Service From the World’s Most Beloved Companies

Customer Service Fails

Dear IKEA: Your Customer Service is Terrible

A Walmart Worker Explains Why Walmart’s Customer Service is Horrible

Are These The 13 Worst Customer Service Mistakes Ever? 

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