7 Reasons Why Google Hates Your Website

As of late, we have had a handful of meetings with our sales team regarding the conversations they have with hot leads over the past couple of weeks. What we found was a commonality in customer complaints on other platforms!

The sales team’s conversations were exciting, since we have labored long and hard to develop a product that addresses the needs of suppliers and distributors in the promotional products industry, which otherwise wouldn’t be remedied.

Working for Trade Only has been an exciting experience for myself and my coworkers; this is no exaggeration. We are passionate about helping our customers to develop a unique niche in the promotional products industry, so they can revel in the success of their endeavors.

Not only have I learned infinitely more about the business-to-business sector, and how to profitably market a small business, but I’ve also learned how to listen to customers’ questions and concerns, and work my butt off to answer their questions with a solution.

If you don’t have a Trade Only website, right now, as a supplier or a distributor in the promotional products industry, Google hates your website. Why? Because you have a hard-to-edit, unoriginal, expensive, and frankly boring website. My purpose for this blog is not to offend, but to help you find the solution to your business success.

So, here are the most common customer complaints we have heard, how we can help you with our business platform and website, and why our Trade Only platform is the best for SEO.

1. “Our current web designs are extremely plain, and they look like everyone else’s.”

Just because you use a website template, doesn’t mean it should be boring! Your design options should be ample and they should represent your brand. No questions asked. Your website is often the first impression a potential customer will have with your website, why would you ever want to produce something less than incredible?

Google oversees EVERYTHING. If your website looks like everyone else’s in your industry, Google notes that. If your website lacks rich media, images, or even social media integration… Google notes that, too. You need to have a unique website in order to have a successful website.

Here at Trade Only we have 5 easy-to-customize website templates for you to choose from and if you want to be the creator, we give you the option to be the creator. You tell us the look and the feel you want from your website, and we rally our resources, including our incredible Web designer Bonnie, and create your dream website.

Don’t believe we have website templates that will tickle your fancy? Here’s a little review…

Flexible Design Templates Video


*Bonus, we have over 600 customizable banner graphics for you to choose from in order to target your best industry niche.


2. “I have no idea how to make edits on my website. It’s extremely complicated!”

Once you launch your new website, it is inevitable that you will want or need to make edits to the visuals, the product database, or the overall layouts. Who wants to have to call customer service every single time you need to make an edit? I sure don’t, that would be a significant decrease in productivity.

Ease and simplicity are key when making edits to your website. If you just created a blog, and you want to include your RSS feed into the “blog” section of your website, it should only require a couple of clicks. If you’re not able to optimize your website with the online marketing suggestions we provide you through our webinar training, our blog, or our eshots without having to call customer service to assist you, then you are seriously hindering your business’ SEO.

We know how tedious this process is for you right now, so we made our dashboard extremely simple and we have host weekly webinars teaching you how to make any edit you could ever possibly need to make! Here are a couple of videos to demonstrate just how easy our editing process is…

Editing Your Homepage WebinarEditing Your Homepage & Products

3. “I’m breaking the bank trying to pay for my business platform.”

As a small business, finances are a sensitive subject. You want to spend as little money as possible for your website platform, without having to sacrifice quality.

The more money you have to spend on the basic, essential elements of your business, the less money you have to spend on marketing practices, both online and traditional. What a bummer!

We understand that, and we wanted to provide you with a product that is affordable and quality! Here is a little breakdown of our prices, for reference.

Pricing Details

4. “The base price is not too bad, but in order to have an efficient operating system, I need so many expensive add-ons.”

You’ve encountered some of these businesses; the ones that sneak extra fees into your final package after every conversation… Those are the worst! You feel lied to, betrayed, and frustrated… But, you feel like you’re in too deep to back out now.

Since each one of us has experienced a similar situation at least once, we promise you that what you see is what you get. No extra fees for basic efficiency, we will never charge you for something that you need to run your business.

Just like number three, you’re wasting precious money that you could be allocating elsewhere.

5. “If I have a question or need customer support, it takes forever to get a response.”

This one is extremely frustrating. When you need help because you don’t understand our product, why would we make you wait? We have a great support staff here at Trade Only. Our Customer Support Manager, Bryon, goes above and beyond to answer every question you might have, and he trains his staff to do the same. We love our customers.

Questions about your SEO, your website optimization, or the overall marketing of your business should be answered immediately. If you have to wait a week to receive a response from CS, then you are wasting precious time, and sitting on a problem that could have a simple remedy.

6. “My product database is way too big, it annoys my customers.”

Have you ever been on a website that seems to scroll on for ever and ever? You feel kind of suffocated, right? Well, if your website has an extremely large database, though it is impressive, it will make the search process extremely laborious and frustrating.

Our Sales Manager put it this way… When you go to Cheesecake Factory and look through their novel menu, it makes your decision process not only difficult but indecisive. I am willing to bet that Cheesecake Factory customers spend 20 minutes (on average) to make a selection on the menu. This is way too long.

You want to make sure you have the best, most reliable supplier database on your website. The suppliers who you know will produce a great product for your customer. A lengthy product database may be your Achille’s Heel.

I guarantee that with the massive database you have right now, more than half of your pages are not indexed on Google. This is a terrible mistake! You want to make sure each product page has a customized URL and description, so that potential customers can easily find your products in the Google search. The larger database you have, the less efficient your website is… Well, unless you are customizing the links to every single product page… Are you?

We allow you to narrow down your supplier list and highlight your most popular or most efficient suppliers so your customers to make a simple, yet great choice for their products.

Product Data

7. “Our product images are boring.”

If you were shopping for products on let’s say… Etsy, and they provided low resolution and poor quality images of their products, would you think twice about purchasing them? I sure would!

Why is your promotional products business be any different? It shouldn’t be!

Google actually puts a LOT of weight on your product images, and just images in general on your website. Each image is individually indexed on Google, or at least it should be. Take this statistic for instance, “In an ecommerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product” (Jeff Bulas)

We are grateful to have a partnership with Technologo, the world’s largest provider of Virtual Samples with 360 degree spin. Your customers can see their logo on your products, all they have to do is upload their logo, and the image will be placed on each product with an available 360 degree view of the product… They get to see it from all angles! Awesome, right?

Technologo Virtual Samples


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