12 Small Business Videos You MUST Watch on YouTube

12 Small Business Videos You MUST Watch

I’ve posted countless updates on our social media platforms about the surge of video blogging and how powerful it can be for your small business.

If you’re still weary about whether video is worth the investment, you need to take some time and watch these powerful videos on small business ranging from entrepreneurship to success to Help Desk hangouts to small business finances… These videos are worth your time.


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Robin Chase: How to Find New Ideas (4 minutes)

Jesper Sorensen: Startups vs. Big Businesses (4 minutes)

Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life and Leadership (1 hour)

Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen: The Impact of Internet and Technology (1 hour)


How Our World Has Changed (7 minutes)

TED Talks

John Wooden: The difference between winning and succeeding (17 minutes)

Google+ Your Business

Taking Your Website to the Next Level (10 minutes)

5 Steps to Take Before Marketing Your Business (57 minutes)

Friday 15: Track popular search trends related to your business (13 minutes)

Anything From Google+ Help Desk Hangouts on Air (21 videos)

Harvard Business Review

How to Cut Costs- Strategically (11 minutes)

Pinterest for Business

Measuring Success on Pinterest (11 minutes)

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