3 FREE Monthly Content Marketing Calendars (Printable)

Content Marketing Calendars Featured Image As I started preparing for our October digital marketing calendar, I decided it was about time to stop writing on loose leaf paper, and create monthly templates for easier, sharable calendars to send to my team. Then I thought: “What the heck! Why not share them with our fantastic social media followers!” Below is a printable PDF document with the following documents: 1. Social Media Analytics- Monitor the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts with this monthly log. 2. Blog Content Calendar- As I have written before, a blogging calendar will take 30+ hours off your content marketing efforts in an entire month. Instead of having to create your own template, I have created one for you; just like the one I blogged in “What no one tells you about content marketing… but should!” 3. Social Media Content Calendar- This is a great way to log the frequency of your social media marketing. All you need to do is little make “tick-marks” under each social media platform, each time you post a status, and you have your daily content calendar! Let me know how these calendar templates work for you! Download Now: Content Marketing Calendar Templates Social Media Analytics Blogging Calendar Blogging Calendar (page 2) Social Media Content Calendar Social Media Content Calendar (page 2)

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