3 Reasons YOU Need Our New VISION System

Our goal as a company is to provide you with a beautiful website and comprehensive business management platform that allows your business to flourish in the promotional products industry, one sale at a time 24/7, 365.

You need an easy-to-navigate dashboard, where you can manage every single little detail about your business and your customers. Without an efficient platform, you are sure to fail. Apologies for my frankness, but time-and-time again I see distributors enter the market, wade around in the infinite pool of promotional products businesses, and never leave a mark.

This doesn’t have to be you. It shouldn’t be you.

We believe that you can take your business to new and exciting heights, IF you set yourself up on the path to success. Am I saying that we are the answer to your problems? Actually, yes I am; I am saying just that. Why? Because we provide you with websites like this:

Website Example


not some cookie-cutter website that looks more ‘the same’ and less ‘unique.’

We provide any-time, FREE customer service to every one of our customers, not because we give you the product and forget about you (we provide ‘on-boarding’ for each of our new customers, and host weekly webinars for VISION management) but because we want you to succeed with our business management system.

We maintain social media accounts and a consistent blog, which provide you with more than just ‘news’ about the promotional products industry rather we give you tips for building your business, marketing your business, and branding yourself and your business.

If you fail, we have failed; if you succeed, we succeed.

That being said, we have just released three awesome new features to our VISION platform to give you the best business management platform we could possibly give. We have awaited these updates for quite some time with reason: so that our brilliant Chief Product Development Officer, Deborah Wilkinson, could leverage our experience, the latest technology, and industry experts to ensure the best possible solution. She absolutely succeeded!

We are beyond proud to announce these 3 features to our customers and our potential customers, and we hope know that these features will help you put forth your best business and your best YOU.

Here’s a review of each of the 3 features, and why you need each one:​

Our Update: We are excited to announce that we have developed (with expert help from Amanda Corey, MASI, MAS) an integration with QuickBooks! Easily export your financial data, and with a single click of the “import” button, update QuickBooks with new and updated customer information, sales invoices, credit notes, and purchase orders. Once you have imported all of your content, you can easily create supplier invoices by associating them with imported purchase orders.
Why You Need It: We knew that our VISION platform needed QuickBooks integration, so we worked with the industry expert (read more about Amanda here to produce the most comprehensive and advantageous integration in the industry. QuickBooks is the most efficient accounting platform for small businesses; if you want to be the best, you have to have the best.
Despite the fact that your business is classified as an SMB, you have the same business requirements as any “big business” out there! The unfortunate reality of this situation, is that small businesses often compromise by using multiple systems which don’t work together, reducing productivity. Don’t allow yourself to be one of these businesses; make use of our QuickBooks integration and manage your business as efficiently (if not more so) than your larger or less situated competitors.

Sales Items
Our Update: Your Trade Only STORE platform now allows you to place any number of individual items on sale, whether you want to apply the discount by quantity, as a percentage, or as a completely new price.
Why You Need It: According to AT&T’s Small Business Advice Center, discounting selected items encourages your overall sales. If you’re hesitant to commit to a sale price for an undetermined amount of time, then you can create a ‘deal of the day,’ which is also a great way to instigate a sense of urgency in your customers and augment your sales (Source).
Think about it: when you receive an eblast from your favorite retailer highlighting their sale: “45% off of promotional pens! 2 days only!” the likelihood that you will make a purchase in the next two days has infinitely increased. “What if these pens never go on sale again? I need them anyway, I might as well purchase them now,” might be running through your head. Who knows how long these potential customers would have put off purchasing these pens, if you didn’t place them on sale.
Let’s say this potential customer takes the bait, and places an order for a box of 100 “sale” pens; they are now on your site, with your entire product database just a mouse-click away. Anyone else thinking that this is a great up-sale opportunity? If you aren’t, then you should be!

Decorator Matrix
Our Update: As of last week, all distributors using the Trade Only platform can now add screen and embroidery costs to all plain stock apparel items… with just a simple click!
Why You Need It: We are proud to announce that this particular feature is unique to our platform! One of the most common complaints from distributors, is that their customers often have a icky taste in their mouth when they receive an altered, final invoice after they have made a plain stock apparel purchase which includes the “unforseen” screen and embroidery costs.
You need not suffer from this problem any longer! Customers hate surprises, especially surprises which include their pocketbooks. Our main goal as a small business is to keep our customers happy so they become life-long customers; relationships are the building block of a successful SMB. Use the decorator matrix to build trust with your customers. It is as simple as that.​


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