Four Reasons People Aren't Buying From You [Infographic]

The reason your sales are down and your customer service reviews are sub-par or non-existent is because the quality of your website is essentially, crap.

Your website is the ‘face’ of your online brand. By online brand, I don’t mean just eCommerce; your brand has an online presence whether you have a digital marketing strategy, or not. 

In an Internet-focused generation it becomes imperative to present your business in the most well-tuned and attractive way on search engines. When someone inputs the name of your business into the Google Search bar, would they be pleased with what they see? Will they trust what they see?

If your website is hideous, it loads slowly, or potential customers cannot distinctly identify your brand’s tone of voice, you are hindering your small business potential. 

These 4 common faults are the reason why your sales are low and your retention rate is even lower. Before all else (marketing, branding, cold-calls, etc.) FIX YOUR WEBSITE, and we guarantee your business will start to make a turnaround. 

If you are in the promotional products industry, call Kristen to chat about your website (714-389-5039). Whatever questions you have, she will answer… Honestly.

Before you call, check out this infographic and identify your major problems! 

Why People Aren't Buying From Your Website

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