5 Tips for Optimizing Your Twitter Account

5 Tips for Optimizing Twitter

Why is Twitter Important?

Twitter is the 4th most visited social media platform in the world with 645 million active users (source).

Here’s the gist: You get 140 characters per headline to share with your followers. Whether you share news, tips, articles, blog posts, etc. you must keep it short and precise.

Twitter is the ‘news source of the future’. Millennials tend to prefer headlines rather than articles; they want to quickly skim through updates with little hassle and even less effort.

If you spend ample time optimizing your Twitter profile you will amass followers and incentivize engagement, which will only have a positive impact on your lead generation and website engagement.

So, where do we start?

Get Creative with your Cover Photo

Your cover photo is one of the most essential aspects of branding your business on Twitter. This is often the first encounter Twitter users have with your brand; they land on your page, see your cover photo, and make a judgment about your company.

With the weight of this feature, why wouldn’t you spend time creating a masterpiece?

Here are 3 important components for your cover photo:

  1. Company Logo
  2. Featured Product or Service
  3. Your Branding Tone

Here are 3 exceptional examples of successful cover photos:

Mashable- Mashable plays off of their more fun, less serious branding tone, with a seemingly hand-drawn collection of fun images. They maintain the same color scheme throughout their Twitter profile, and make sure to include a picture representing each of their ‘news-source’ categories.

Mashable Cover Photo

Forbes- Forbes decided to present a collection of magazine covers. Not only do they present their brand logo, but they also promote their magazine.

Forbes Cover Photo

NFL- This cover photo encompasses every aspect of the NFL in one picture. The football, the field, the sideline with the football staff… Everything we love about the game! 

NFL Cover Photo

Spend Time on Your Company Bio

Just as your website needs descriptive pages with rich content and keywords to augment your SEO, Twitter needs a descriptive ‘bio’ with rich content and keywords to augment your SEO with social.

Your Twitter bio should include your industry’s top keywords in the form of a hashtag (see below), and a brief overview of your business’ products or services.

Note: Your tone should portray the voice of your brand; if you have a casual tone, spruce up your wording. If you have a more professional, business tone, make adjustments accordingly.

Here at Trade Only, we have a casual brand tone, which played a factor in drafting the bio section of our Twitter account!

Here’s what ours looks like:

Company Description

We mentioned our products/services, cloud technology and business management software; we mentioned our industry keywords, business and promotional products; and we added the closing line: ‘Just living the #tech life!’ in order to portray our laid-back branding tone.

Here are a few more examples from AdWeek and Social Media Today:

AdWeek Bio

Social Media Today Bio

Color Coordinate

Prior to Twitter update, which provided all profiles with ‘cover photos’ and enhanced timelines, there used to be a handful of color options from links to the header bar. Luckily, there is now only one color option for Twitter users.

It is essential that you select the dominant color from your business logo or your cover photo and apply this color to your theme.

The easiest way to maintain color consistency in all online efforts is with the handy browser tool Colorzilla, which allows you to scan colors on a web page, copy the color to your clipboard, and identify the color characteristics. Use this tool to scan your logo, copy the HTML code “#00000”, and make this color your Twitter theme.


Hashtag like there’s no tomorrow

Hashtags are the most common search engine tools for social media. If you haven’t yet watched the hilarious ‘Hashtag’ skit with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, you must watch it…

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is any word or phrase placed after a pound sign “#”, which is used as a search tool on web pages.

Let’s say you want your Tweet to appear when a Twitter user searches ‘small business’… You must place the hashtag “#smallbusiness” somewhere in your Tweet, and it will thus be indexed in the search term ‘small business’.

When creating the bio for your business page, you should use the most popular keywords for your industry so that your profile will be placed in the relative indexes.

Note: You should limit the amount of hashtags you use per Tweet. Our recommendation, based off of a handful of digital marketing articles, is 2-3 relevant hashtags. When your Tweets contain hashtags, they have a higher chance of engagement than those Tweets that do not contain hashtags.

Pictures, Videos, GIFs… Oh My!

Millennials love visual content.

Since their reign, not only have we become more social online than ever before, we have also been introduced to the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

That, is a GIF. And boy are they great! You can make GIFs funny, professional, informative, or educational.

Social media is the perfect place for sharing pictures, GIFs, and videos. Have a few product videos you’ve been wanting to put to use? Post them to your social media profiles! Share those photos from your company events because that is what social media users want to see.

If you want to create a GIF, use THIS website.

If you want to create short videos, you can use Vine or you can upload video content from your phone and post it to your Instagram.

Get creative with your visual content, and don’t be afraid to exemplify your funny bone every once in a while.

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