6 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Google+

6 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Google+

Google+ is rising to the top of the social media ranks, despite their relatively shaky Beta start.

If your business isn’t already on Google+, I highly suggest that you create a profile right now.

Creating a Google+ profile will boost your search rankings, if you optimize your profile and publish relevant, new, and engaging content.

Here are 6 Proven Ways to Get More Followers on Google+:

Join at least 5 ‘communities’

Google+ communities are the equivalent of Facebook ‘groups’ and Pinterest ‘group boards.’

This is what Google + Communities look like:

Google+ Communities


After some intense calculator work, I deduced that we could potentially engage with 541,549 Google+ members on a daily basis.

Let’s say that half of these Google+ members are involved in the same groups as we are, that still leaves 270,774 members… That’s 1/4 of a million people!

Google+ Communities are a great way to both find and share content. Now, there’s a hole-in-one!

Use your database of company keywords and research these in the search toolbar; join any relevant communities and start engaging!

Recommendation: Do not continuously post company updates, blog posts, or branded media. Exemplify your ‘team spirit’ by sharing relevant content in your respective communities. It may help to make a list of your communities and identify relevant keywords.

After each blog, identify which communities would benefit from your content and post your blog link with an engaging preface.

Diversify your G+ profile

As with all social media platforms, your profile looks extremely boring if you only post blog links or you only post YouTube videos.

Diversify your content! Post pictures, videos, blog links, infographics, memes, and GIFs. The more diverse your content, the more engaging your Google+ page will be.

Original Content

If you have a YouTube channel, connect it with your G+ page

As many of you know (or if you didn’t, you will soon find out), Google purchased YouTube years ago.

This is one of the greatest features of any social media platform, in my opinion. Why? Because any video you post on YouTube, will appear in the YouTube section of your Google+ profile. Like this:

YouTube Section of Google+ Profile

Utilize YouTube to promote your business, engage your customers, and make life-long customers.

Make sure your G+ updates are set to share with ‘public’

One of the most common mistakes made with small businesses on Google+ is that they forget to review the settings section.

That’s okay, we all make mistakes. But, take a minute right now to review your settings.

Make sure that all of your Google+ posts are set to share with the ‘public’; this will ensure that Google+ users don’t have to follow your profile in order to see your status updates.

Here’s what this setting looks like:

Public Setting Google+

Use relevant hashtags in every post

Hashtags make the world go ’round.

Well, the Internet world, maybe. Hashtags help to make your content relevant.

When you implement a hashtag into your social media posts (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest), you help the social platforms index your content in the specified categories.

Let’s say you write an article about ‘Social Media Marketing’ entitled 10 Great Tips for Social Media Marketing. When posting this blog to your Google+ page, it would behoove your search results to hashtag the words social mediamarketing, and quicktips.

Here’s what an example post would look like:

You can never have too many #socialmedia tips!

Here are some great #marketing tips to take your strategy from ‘eh’ to ‘YES!’

Enjoy these #quicktips10 Great Tips for Social Media Marketing.

Beautify your G+ posts with italics and bold

Luckily, you don’t have to know HTML to create elegant-looking Google+ posts!

Whew! What a relief, right?

To create a post like this:

Content Marketing Post

All you need to know is this:

  • To create bold fonts, simply surround your texts with ‘*’
    • Example: “For more tips on *content marketing* you can visit www.tradeonlyblog.com
  • To italicize your font, surround your text with ‘_’
    • Example: “For more tips on *content marketing* you can visit _www.tradeonlyblog.com_


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