Time Spent Learning is NEVER Time Wasted!

When I commenced my career in digital marketing 5 years ago, I felt a tit-bit overwhelmed.

How was I to learn every, single detail about social media platforms and the best way to market a business on each one?

I wanted to know everything immediately, or rather, I wanted to know everything yesterday.

Obviously, that was a completely impractical aspiration. But, in hindsight, I see that my head was in the right place.

Often times, I was overcome by a suffocating guilt when I spent half an hour of my work day researching Facebook marketing techniques. But, as I delved deeper into my field, I found that the 30 minutes reviewing strategies went much further than I thought.

Time spent learning strategies and tricks of the trade is never wasted!

Here are 5 tricks for spending your ‘learning’ time wisely:

Identify how you learn best, and use that medium.

Medium of Choice

Are you a better listener? Is visual content more your style? Or do memorize facts and figures?

Figure out how you best learn information and find content to suit your needs.

Thanks to the surge of the digital age, there is a lot of great information in a myriad of formats.

There are ample podcast channels in every category under the moon on the podcast app on your iPhone. YouTube is a great source of informative video content that you can access on any device in any category or tone. And, of course, you can choose from the abundance of content rich websites online.

Find your favorite medium, and run with it.

Give yourself a time limit.

If you’re nerdy or you simply enjoy learning new things, you may have the tendency to get a little carried away.

Let’s prevent a learning session from becoming an all-day tutorial; that would be an inefficient use of time. If you take the time to incorporate a ‘learning’ session every day, you are not only augmenting your knowledge but efficiently managing your time.

Section out 30-45 minutes of your daily schedule to tackle a topic of interest.

Create a Bookmark folder with your favorite, informative websites.

General rule of thumb: always bookmark websites with great, relevant websites.

Did you know you can even categorize your bookmarks? You can! Here’s what that looks like:

The Bookmarks Manager on Chrome

No need to get massive anxiety about having too many irrelevant websites in your bookmark bar, just categorize them and call it a day!

Keep a notepad at your desk.

Writing down the most important key points from the content you read is a great way to remember what you read.

I don’t think our HR department is too excited about my excessive note taking, since I seem to go through notepads like I’m preparing for the zombie apocalypse. However, it pays off when I have ample references while creating my monthly marketing plan.

Key takeaway: take as many notes as you can.

Use trial-and-error to test your new strategies.

When you learn a new strategy or technique for managing your business, don’t be afraid to try it. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, it doesn’t work and you try something else. You won’t know the best strategy for your business unless you eliminate what doesn’t work.

That being said, when you learn something new, try it out. This is how great ideas are born.

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