Boost Your Promotional Products Sales for the Holidays

‘Twas the night after Halloween, when all through the house

All the creatures were stirring, including my spouse;

Scary decor was taken down from the balcony with care,

For, cheery holiday spirit now fills the air.

The children wrestled excitement in their beds;

While visions of turkeys, Christmas trees, and presents filled their heads;

Daddy took off his scary Scream mask, while I took off my samurai sword shoulder strap,

And we replaced the costumes with festive, holiday gift wrap!


I sure hope you enjoyed my rendition of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore.

I feel that it best represents the immediate transition into the holidays, which we all hold so near and dear to our hearts in the promotional products industry…

That’s right, folks!

We are rapidly approaching that time of year when businesses revel in the spirit of giving, purchasing large batches of promo products for their customers. That time of year when people want to customize goodies and trinkets for their friends and family branded with their startup logo so they can write it off on their tax returns as a business expense…

It’s such a lovely time of year.

But, most importantly, it is a potentially huge opportunity to finish Q4 with a BANG!

Whether you are a marketing executive, a financial officer, or the CEO, reporting higher-than-expected sales at the end of the year is always a good thing.

To help you strategically market your promotional products for the holidays, we have 5 tips for boosting sales!


Boost Promotional Products Sales for the Holidays [infographic]


Boost Promotional Products Sales for the Holidays (Infographic)

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