Double Your Sales, Increase Your Revenue

The title of this blog is purposely vague.

I guarantee you would not have clicked on this blog link if I told you that the key to doubling your sales and increasing your revenue is: wait for it… unique product descriptions.

Unique product descriptions seems like a very daunting, exceptionally boring task that should be ignored as long as humanly possible.

You are making one of the biggest eCommerce mistakes known to SEO analysts.

Unique product descriptions will help your SEO. Your SEO will boost your visibility on Google. Your visibility on Google will increase the traffic on your website. More traffic on your website can lead to more eCommerce sales (with good product descriptions). More eCommerce sales means increased revenue. Increased revenue means smiles all around.

Moral of the story: invest time and man power into product descriptions.

Benefits of Unique Product Descriptions

  1. More site text. As a promotional products distributor or supplier you don’t have to have a 50 page website. You only really need a ‘homepage’, an ‘about us’ page, a ‘contact page’, and a ‘store’ page. The downside of a few-page website is lack of keyword text, which Google looks to for page 1 rankings. The more product descriptions you write, the more keyword text you can include on your website.
  2. Increase your Google footprint. Google doesn’t care about websites, images, products, etc. that do not have any text. How can the massive search engine possibly care about something that it cannot file into groups? If you have a lot of products, yeah it can be a tedious task to write product descriptions for each one, but it gives you the opportunity for gaining popularity on Google.
  3. Good product descriptions = immediate salesperson. Just think. Who is going to sell your product to customers browsing your website at 12am? Nobody is right. When you aren’t readily available to speak to potential customers about your product, you need descriptions to sell your product. If you write great product descriptions, you can sell your products without having to actually sell your products.
  4. You need a website update. Badly. Chances are, you haven’t updated your website since you set it up. The more fresh, new content you post on your website, the higher your chances are of getting noticed by Google.
  5. Product descriptions humanize your website. There’s nothing worse than a sales-y website! Google hates sales-pitch websites, too. If you write engaging product descriptions, you allow your products to humanize your website. People can emotionally relate to your products, which makes them more likely to purchase.

The Perfect, Unique Product Description

Here are a few tips to guide your writing.

We aren’t saying that writing product descriptions are easy, but they sure are worth it.

  • Talk to your target audience. Who is your target audience? What makes them laugh? What are they interested in? These are questions you must be able to answer if you want to increase your product sales.
  • Make a list of comprehensive features and benefits. If you don’t know your features and benefits, how will your customers? You have to treat customers like children. Expect them to know the bare-minimum; explain when you can.
  • Maintain your tone of voice. If you write half of your product descriptions in a witty tone-of-voice, you CANNOT write the other half in a serious tone. It doesn’t work that way. Keep your tone-of-voice universal. Don’t confuse your customers.
  • Keep it scannable. You should most certainly avoid writing 1,000 word product descriptions. Keep your descriptions scannable. Using keywords (discussed in the next bullet point) should help you with this.
  • Use keywords and phrases from your industry. Have you researched your industry’s keywords, yet? If you haven’t, you should. Right now. Use Google Analytics and Google keyword tracker. Use these keywords in your descriptions to augment your SEO.
  • Keep in mind how your product will benefit your customers. Would you buy something if you didn’t know how it benefited you? I certainly wouldn’t. Assume your customers are selfish and not trusting. Write your descriptions to convince the skeptic in the audience.
  • Avoid cliche descriptions. By cliche we mean: “best coffee in New York City” or “world’s greatest coffee mug”. Really? Do you think people will believe you?
  • Use sensory words when you can. Appeal to your customer’s emotions by using sensory imagery. Does your candle smell like lavender? Try: “Smells like a bundle of lavender on a sunny day” or something of the sort.
  • Do not copy and paste descriptions. This is the worst thing you can do for your website. Google demotes duplicate content. They penalize you like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t copy and paste. If you lose motivation after 50 descriptions, take a break and pick it up again, later. I repeat: DO NOT COPY AND PASTE your product descriptions.

A Few Miscellaneous Tips

  1. Do it on a Friday. Seems like a horrible day to do product descriptions. But, I promise your relaxed, Friday persona will help you avoid overly professional and completely dry descriptions.
  2. Preferably on your couch at home, while watching Netflix. Keep yourself relaxed. A stiff, work environment will severely hinder your productivity. You will feel rushed and frustrated. Take off your dress-shoes or heels, and watch some Friends.
  3. Have some comforting chocolate to munch on. Because, well, chocolate makes everything better. Just keep it to 1 bar, or you will end up eating a pound and gaining more.
  4. Don’t try to tackle it in one day. Just don’t do it. You might fall into a coma.
  5. Ask your friends to help and give them incentive. Maybe you can cook them dinner or buy them a bottle of wine. Having multiple people write the product descriptions is great; it will ensure that you don’t get caught in saying the same thing for 20 products. Just make sure you are typing with the same tone-of-type.

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