Marketing Tip Wednesday: Get Those Testimonials

We all know that testimonials are important. Obviously we need testimonials to build consumer trust and establish credibility in our industry.

I did not create this blog post to tell you that testimonials are important for your website. You already  know that.

did write this blog post to teach you how to ask for a testimonial and not sound like a tool. I wrote this blog to help you feel more comfortable asking for testimonials.

Chances are, if you are a confident person and you have no qualms about asking for testimonials, you are probably coming off a bit rude. If, however, you are timid by nature, you probably aren’t being aggressive enough.

When to Ask For Testimonials

It may seem obvious to ask for testimonials when your customers are happy. But, are you setting yourself up for failure?

The best times to ask for a testimonial are:

  • After you have helped them solve a problem
  • After they have claimed to achieve success in a particular endeavor
  • After they’ve expressed happiness with your products/services
  • After they have profusely thanked you for something
  • After you have timely delivered what you said you would

Notice that the best time to ask for testimonials is after communication, not ‘out of the blue’.

There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Relationships are give-and-take. If you’re just asking for something, your chances of a good review are slim-to-none. If, however, you have given them something prior to asking for a testimonial, your chances of success are higher.
  2. Happy people have more energy to do things. If you have just pleased your customer, they are more likely to take the extra energy to fill out a testimonial. Remember the last time you tried to do something when you were angry? Exactly. You didn’t do anything.

Great Questions to Ask

Testimonials require strategic effort.

If you sent out an email to 500 customers simply asking for a testimonial, I guarantee you would receive only 1 testimonial.

You want your customers to believe that their feedback is important (which it should be, but you really have to sell this).

Here are some questions you can either send your customers or use for a brainstorm session:

  • Before you started using our product/service, what concerns did you have? Either about our service or just in general?
  • What made you believe we were the right fit for you?
  • What is 1 improvement your business has seen from our products/services?
  • Since you’ve been a member of (state your company), have you had any surprises? What pleases you the most?
  • Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?
  • What is your favorite feature?

Creative Ways to Ask for Testimonials

You don’t have to email your customers to ask for a testimonial. There are creative and clever ways you can get customer feedback for your website, without using traditional methods!

Here are a few:

  • Survey (SurveyMonkey). Surveys are fun! Who doesn’t like taking a good survey every once in a while. Just not a long survey… those are bore.
  • Facebook reviews. Facebook is a laid back platform. This allows people to feel comfortable leaving a review from the confinements of their couch… Probably while watching Orange is the New Black.
  • LinkedIn recommendations. Recommendations on LinkedIn are completely legitimate, especially for B2B companies.
  • YouTube video reviews. People love videos. True feelings come out on YouTube. That’s just how it happens.
  • Local search directories. Make sure you’re listed in the local directories; this gives people the opportunity to review your products/services without feeling like they have to review your products/services.
  • Add a request to your email marketing campaign. Give a little and get a lot.

In Summary

Don’t straight-up ask for a testimonial. Be thoughtful and make your customers happy. Think of a creative way to ask for a testimonial and run with it.

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