How to Sell Company Stores to Your Clients

If you’ve been in the promotional products industry for any length of time, you have probably heard the term ‘company store’ (or, if you’re in the UK, ‘corporate scheme site’) thrown around in reference to your website platform.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, what exactly is a company store?

Well, if you have a handful of ‘repeat’ customers, with whom you have a well-established professional relationship and ongoing business, company stores are the perfect destination for those clients.

When you create a company store, you are essentially creating a private website for reliable clients to make orders, without having to deal with a large database of products. Less work, higher productivity.

Yes, this sounds appealing, but how can you convince your customers to invest in a company store?

Here are 5 powerful reasons why company stores kick butt:

  • Brand integrity.If you’re a high end jewelry brand, it might not be appropriate to use silicone bracelets as a promotional product. Having a company store means your clients are in control of what their team can order, thereby assuring a continuous supply of quality products.
  • Budget management.If all of your client’s promotional product orders are processed via one distributor, your clients will have greater transparency over expenditure; you can provide them with quarterly, monthly or even weekly reports on order value, purchaser and ship-to location.
  • Better visuals.With a company store enabled with Virtual Samples, your clients will be able to see what all merchandise looks like branded with their logo – even if the items have never been produced. Moreover the whole website will be tailored to match their corporate identity.
  • Simplified ordering.With privacy controls, your client can control who can, and who can’t, order from the website; you can give approved shoppers the option of paying via credit card, or ordering on account.
  • Optional inventory.If your client wants to take advantage of the cost savings and convenience of ordering certain merchandise in bulk, you can organize warehousing (whether in house or outsourced) and dispatch on demand.

If company stores sound like something you can successfully pitch to your clients, we may have what you’re looking for with our Company Stores options. Check us out at

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