Free eBook: Google Analytics for Promo Distributors

Free eBook: Google Analytics for Promo Distributors

Learn how to utilize Google Analytics as a promotional products distributor.

Google Analytics is used to track loads of website and user data.” 

Google Analytics is often shrugged off as an extremely complicated service, solely provided for marketing experts and analysts. In reality, Google Analytics only looks complicated, but it is rich with extremely useful statistics and reports that could take your business to the next levels.

This guide is meant to help you understand Google Analytics at its most basic level, so you have a solid foundation to build your knowledge and grow your business.

Our Director of Social Media’s 25 page eBook will review:

  • What Google Analytics actually does
  • How you can use GA to understand your website’s traffic
  • What you should measure with GA
  • How to measure important statistics
  • And how to apply GA reports to your business strategy going forward

We hope you find this eBook helpful! Just click on the book below and you’ll be a Google Analytics expert in no-time!

FREE eBook Here

Master Google Analytics For the Promotional Products Distributor

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