Why isn’t your promotional products website working?

When a promotional products distributor says that they’re not happy with their website, they generally mean one of two things.

  1. They’re not getting enough visitors to the website
  2. They’re getting visitors but they’re not getting any inquiries or sales

Sometimes, they don’t know which of these is the problem – and in that scenario, the starting point is to plug Google Analytics into your website. Once you know what the problem is, you can address it!

Not getting enough visitors to your website?

The first thing you need to do here is identify what search criteria you’d like to draw visitors to your website.

The obvious answer in this industry is that you want people who search for ‘promotional products’, but realistically speaking you’re not going to get that. There are too many companies already bidding for that search criteria.

You’re better off finding a niche, whether that’s an industry (restaurants / professional services etc.), an area (Orange County, SoCal etc.), or a product category (eco-friendly, made in America etc.).

Most distributors have a ‘go-to’ industry where they get the most business, so start there, and research what search terms people might use when looking for promotional products.

There’s a bit of a cheat for this, by the way; if you have a direct competitor who’s doing a really good job on search engine ranking, you can plug their website address into www.semrush.com and see what the most popular search terms people use that drive traffic to their website.

Once you have a list of, say, 10 search terms people might use, you need to create pages on your website which include those search terms. Ideally, you need one page per search term.

The page needs to be set up like this:

SEO Optimized Pages

  1. Page Title – that’s the part that appears in the tab on your internet browser. It should include the search keywords
  2. Page URL – that’s the actual website address. Again it should include the search keywords, hyphenated where necessary. You can leave out filler words like ‘of’, ‘at’, ‘and’ etc.
  3. Meta Description – when you see a page of search engine results, this is the two lines of text you’ll see underneath the website title. Don’t worry about the keywords so much as making this captivating – it’s like a mini-pitch for your services.

Once the technical settings are in place, the actual page content should also include the search keywords.

Page Titles

You can see that the page title is larger and bolder than the rest of the text. This is a visual indication that this text is important. So that you can show Google that it’s important, make sure your page title is given ‘Header’ tags (on our platform it’s a simple drop down menu).

The whole objective is to make Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. appreciate that YOUR website is the best response to your customer’s search term. The more common the search term, the more likely it is that you’ll have lots and lots of competition. So go for longer, more obscure search terms, so Google has fewer websites to choose from, and is more likely to put you top.

That’s the basics of optimizing your website pages to get more visitors.

How to convert your website visitors into inquiries and orders

If you are getting plenty of visitors to your website, but they’re not translating into lots of new orders and inquiries, there are several possible reasons why. First off, have a read of our article on ‘Are you getting 25% revenues from your website?‘.

Something else to consider is how easy is it for people to reach you? Your website can be a brilliant conversation starter – in fact, that’s the strategy of some of the most successful online distributors in the industry, to drive a high volume of inquiries rather than orders.

  • Include a simple ‘have a question about this product’ form on every product detail view (if you’re a Customer Focus user, our support team can show you how)
  • Add a Live Chat service – around 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person is one of the most important features a Web site can offer*
  • Encourage people to send you their challenges. As a promotional products distributor you add value by creative problem solving, so your website should allow people to send you their campaign goals, rather than a simple list of products. Make it easy by giving them fields like budget, delivery date, target market, desired outcome.

Please feel free to add your comments, questions and feedback – we’d love to hear from you!

*Source: Forrester Research

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