Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Convert Website Visitors

You consider yourself to be a contemporary, business savvy individual. Your website is optimized, beautifully designed and has a ton of traffic. However, you have one key aspect missing; a factor that trumps all other bells and whistles that you’ve crossed off your ‘ultimate website’ checklist…conversion.

Website conversion is the most important factor to the success of any online marketing strategy as it directly relates to sales. Essentially, conversion means getting your visitors to do exactly what you want them to do: buy your product!

Now, sit back, relax and learn the top 5 things you need to know to convert your website visitors to customers.

Keep Your Content Up to Date

Content is so essential to your website that you may want to consider hiring a writer. Nevertheless, the main key is to keep your web content up to date. Imagine visiting a website and the content you saw was last updated five years ago. Would you still consider this site to be a credible source? Probably not. Nothing will make people leave your site faster than out of date content. 

Know Your Target Market

While your website visits are high, the majority of those visitors may be “window shoppers.” Unfortunately, these types of shoppers are not going to improve your conversion rate. In order to filter out the window shoppers from the purchasers you must first know your target market. Identifying a target audience is among the most crucial elements for any business.

So how do you get them to your website? First, take a look at your competitors to see if they are advertising (and where), and what social media platforms they are using. Once you have this information, you can identify where to attract new customers and how you can appeal to them. Paid advertising with Google or Facebook is a great place to start. Now, make sure you have a solid call-to-action (CTA) in your ad, such as “buy now,” rather than “learn more.”

Add an Effective CTA

Just as sheep need to be herded, website visitors need to be directed. Without direction, or a CTA, your website visitors may not know what they should do and end up navigating away.

While you may have a CTA on your site, you may not be using it correctly. So how can you determine whether you’re using it correctly? Well, are people clicking it? If the answer is no, then begin by testing the button in various colors, sizes, verbiage and locations on your site to see which format is the most effective. Bottom line, make sure your CTA is clean, simple and allows your customer to make a decision quickly and simply – without struggle.

Boost Credibility with Customer Testimonials

Before your website users decide to make a purchase, they may be wondering how other customers feel about you. Hence, if your website is missing testimonials, then you may be missing out on sales. Nowadays customers are web savvy and want to know what you’re like, how satisfied others are with you and how trustworthy you are. You know you’re top notch, but in order to prove this to others you need proof. Start by contacting some of your satisfied customers, or even incentivize them to fill out a testimonial form and get their permission to use their name. Once you have the perfect testimonials, feature them on your homepage to make a lasting impression with all of your web visitors.

Streamline the Ordering Process

You’ve hooked your target audience with fresh content, impressed them with your testimonials and provided them with an effective CTA – so what’s next? Now you need to reel them in with a clear ordering process. The easier you make things for your customers, the better. Avoid any distractions or things that will force users to click away or be sent to a new page. The shopping cart area of your website needs to be intuitive and clean in order to streamline the process.

There are many ways you can convert your visitors into customers; the key is to stay creative. The above methods are just some of the ones that have worked for Customer Focus and our clients. Now go forth and convert!

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