Top 5 Facebook Post Ideas for Promotional Distributors

More than 3 million users around the world spend at least a few minutes per day on Facebook. Just let those figures sink in for a minute. That kind of exposure doesn’t come easy, or free for that matter, which is why your Facebook Business page is significant. As a promotional distributor I’m sure you can attest that coming up with fresh Facebook posts isn’t the easiest. However, when managed correctly your Facebook page can positively impact your brand awareness.

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As a Marketing Specialist for Customer Focus Software, I spend quite a bit of time on social media platforms. As such, I’ve been able to recognize key trends from the Facebook pages of various promo distributors; and have put together the most successful ones to share with you.

Key tip: When it comes to Facebook posts, use ‘The 80/20 rule’. 20% of your content should promote your brand, while 80% should be content that really interests your audience and engages them in conversations.

1.) Contests and Giveaways

Facebook contests are a great (and fast) way to bring attention to your business page. Whether you decide to run your own offer or pay for a Facebook ad, this is a fun way to incentivize your fans throughout the year.

Be sure to make the terms and conditions of the contest clear so there is no confusion, and when you finally select a winner, share them on your page.

2.) Featured Products

This may sound like a no-brainer, but posting your latest products on your Facebook page is pivotal. Showcase your products in the best way possible by using high quality photos, and provide links for additional information. Be careful not to over-do it, though; people want to be entertained and educated, not sold to.

Key tip: Facebook recently announced the arrival of hashtags to their site, so add 2-3 trending ones that speak to your post.

3.) Personal/Interesting

Not every post has to be serious or business related. So don’t be afraid to show your personality. Some of the most liked posts on business pages are of things you and your coworkers are doing in and around the office.

Remember ‘the 80/20 rule’ I mentioned earlier? A majority of your fans are likely marketers who have their own business to promote. Think outside of the box every now and then by sharing something that might pique their interest, such as a fun infographic or news article.

4.) Newsletters

Newsletters/catalogs are a great way to provide a bulk of information in a compact form for your consumers. By sharing it on Facebook, you’re giving it a huge opportunity for exposure, while simultaneously building your brand as a credible thought leader.

5.) Loyal Customer Rewards

If you want people to really take notice of your Facebook page, begin offering something special to faithful fans. Have a “Facebook Fan Loyalty Offer” that you give out to a select few users who always comment on your page and offer them something special. Facebook provides analytics that will give you insight to your top engagers. This kind of thing can go a long way by boosting your online and word-of-mouth marketing.

The tips listed above have been proven to be successful. But discovering what your audience is really interested in and responding to those needs, is how your brand will maintain a consistent, sustainable, and engaging online social media presence.

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