How to Avoid Choice Paralysis and Grow Sales

If you’re getting visitors to your website, but limited inquiries or orders, your customers could be suffering from choice paralysis [cue ominous music!].

It’s actually a well-known phenomenon in retail, where there are several famous studies showing that people will buy more if they’re presented with fewer choices.

But it also affects B2B websites, in particular promotional product websites where there are literally 100s of pages of nearly identical products. It causes anxiety, makes people question their decisions, procrastinate, and ultimately reduces sales.

We presented a 30 minute webinar on this topic, and four ways you can fix the problem on your website without needing any technical expertise.

View the Choice Paralysis Slides:

View the Webinar Recording:

About Customer Focus

It’s not enough to just have a website any more. To attract new customers and engage your existing customer base, you’ve got to up your game and offer an engaging, retail-like experience. That’s where we come in; we supply the promotional product, corporate apparel, print and sign industries with websites that are a cut above the norm.

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