3 Ways To Get Closer to Your Sign Customers

Ever received a promotional email featuring exactly the kind of products you were thinking of buying? Once you got past the ‘Big Brother is watching me’ thought, I bet you clicked on the offer!

Increasingly, customers expect a personalized experience like this from anyone they buy from, including sign makers.

To be effective, your communication with customers should be tailored to their individual wants, needs and preferences. Here’s how to do it:

1.) Interview them

An email inquiry, a first-time visitor to the store, or a telephone call are all perfect opportunities to interview your customer and understand what it is that pains them (on a professional level, of course!).

We’re not suggesting you don a suit and put a table in between you, but you should ask questions of every customer so you can learn more about them. Asking the right questions will not only shine a light on their ongoing requirements, it may also provide the opportunity to offer them a solution to a problem.

If they’re a business, why not ask them:

  • Where do you think most of your sales opportunities are going to come from this year?
  • Are you having any problems with new/aggressive competitors?
  • If you could fix/improve one thing about your business today, what would it be?

If they’re purchasing for personal use, maybe ask them:

  • How often do you buy signs/banners/decals?
  • Would you be interested in hearing about any of our future promotional pricing?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Do you think our services would be of interest in your workplace?

2.) Speak their language

Because customers are so accustomed to being marketed to, the key to gaining their loyalty is to show that you ‘get them’.

It’s not about calling anyone under 30 ‘dude’, but rather subtly adjusting your vocabulary to match theirs.

As a result, they feel more comfortable with you and it shows that you have an understanding of their needs that goes beyond your competitors’.

Take the time to go on your customers’ websites, and learn a bit more about what they do and why they do it. If it’s a high-tech industry, they might be interested in the latest digital signage to really make their brand pop. If they’re a nursery, you could emphasize the safety elements of your offering.

Make a note of any useful information so you can show off your knowledge in your next communication, whether that’s in person, on the phone or via email.

3.) Stop sending ‘one size fits all’ email newsletters

Your customers come from all walks of life. Hence, a promotion on window lettering isn’t going to be of huge interest to customers who don’t have a bricks and mortar presence, so don’t waste their time by sending them irrelevant content. (Not sure how to identify whether or not they have a store? I refer you back to point 1 – ask them!)

The key to selling more signs to your customers is making sure you are collecting as much information about them as possible, in order that you can identify, and proactively suggest solutions for their problems, rather than just waiting for the next order.

Every time an individual interacts with you is an opportunity to collect and record data that will help your communications resonate with them more in future.

What if you already have a customer base that you haven’t been collecting data on?

Here’s a quick way to get started: Put a form on your website which asks them a few insightful questions. Email your existing customers with an incentive to complete the form of a $50 gift card for one lucky winner (it will be worth it to better understand their needs).

For in-store customers, if the shop’s too busy or the customer is too time-pressed to have a chat, ask if you can email them a receipt, then you can send them a quick questionnaire as a follow-up.

Follow up sales questionnaire

Once you’ve documented key information about your customers, you can then segment them into various groups with whom you can send customized sales messaging.

We’ll cover the practical element of segmenting your database in an article to follow very soon!

About Customer Focus

Under our ‘SignStore’ brand we provide 100s of sign shops with a website that works hard to bring in sales, 24/7. To keep up with changing buying behavior, sign makers need to offer their customers the ability to design and buy their sign, banner or lettering online. We’ve created a solution that’s powerful, intuitive, and highly affordable. To learn more or sign up for a free trial, please visit www.signstore.net.

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