How your logo can help you close more sales

Did you know the that something as simple as the text, colors and shapes you use in your logo and on your website can impact whether or not a customer decides to buy from you? Or that in in 400 milliseconds, a logo can trigger emotional responses and even behavioral change?

We presented a 30 minute webinar on this topic which included a few real-life examples from the promotional products and sign industries to illustrate points and provide practical advice.

View the webinar recording:

View the Webinar slides:

About Customer Focus

It’s not enough to just have a website any more. To attract new customers and engage your existing customer base, you’ve got to up your game and offer an engaging, retail-like experience. That’s where we come in; we supply the promotional product, corporate apparel, print and sign industries with websites that are a cut above the norm.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you gain the competitive advantage, check us out at

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