What do distributors want from a supplier website?

Promotional product suppliers have a huge potential field sales force, with an estimated 23,897 distributors in the United States – but equally distributors have a lot of choice over where they take their business!

One area suppliers can stand out is by allowing distributors to access all key product information at their fingertips – i.e. via the supplier’s website.

We wanted to know how good a job suppliers were doing at this, and asked the members of the Promotional Product Professionals networking group on Facebook to list their ‘supplier website wishlist’ features.

The results are in – from top to bottom, in order of importance:

Anatomy of the perfect supplier website infographic

It was clear from the comments, a selection of which are below, that not all suppliers are hitting the mark.

Distributor comments:

I chose shipping quotes, live inventory, and added order status. Three things I hate having to spend time on the phone finding out.

Be sure those basics are in an easy to find location… not the case on every supplier’s site.

Live chat is great if those on the other end are actually there… and know stuff!

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