8 life hacks to make you better at your job

There are some services that, once used, you can’t live without. I’ve assembled my list of these ‘can’t-be-without’ apps, websites and shortcuts, most of which are free.

I reckon I’m about 25% more productive because of these services. The list is geared towards promotional product distributors – give them a try and see what you think!

1. Colorzilla – Price: FREE – Useful for: Color Matching


When you’re building out a company store, or tailoring a flyer, it’s great to be able to add their branding colors to the presentation. That’s where Colorzilla comes in. Activate the widget, and you’ll be able to click on any color on a web page, and get the Hex value, RGB, and CYMK.

2. SEOSiteCheckup.com – Price: FREE – Useful for: Fixing Problems on your Website


Everyone wants a website that performs well on search engines, and this free service tells you where your site is falling short.

Just be aware that some of the advice will most likely go straight over your head (it did mine!), but equally a lot of it is actionable by a non-techy person.

3. Peek by UserTesting – Price: FREE – Useful for: Fixing Problems with your Website

Peek by UserTesting

If no. 2 leaves you entirely baffled, worry not: Peek by UserTesting is completely jargon free. It’s a really neat, free service, where all you do is submit your website address, and a couple of days later you receive a 5 minute video showing someone navigating around your site.

They’re commenting as they do it, and I pretty much guarantee you’ll be surprised by their ‘take’ on your services, and how they navigate around the site. I found this incredibly useful – much more so than asking friends and colleagues for feedback (who are usually trying to be nice).

4. Grammarly – Price: FREE – Useful for: Not Looking Like an Idiot


Poor grammar makes you look stupid. This Forbes article is just one of thousands of studies that prove this point. But if you’re not an English grad., this stuff doesn’t necessarily come naturally.

Enter Grammarly! Just copy and paste your content into their website and they’ll run far better checks for spelling and grammar than Word or other common word processes. I use Grammarly for any important email or marketing campaign.

5. RescueTime – Price: FREE – Useful for: Stopping Procrastinating


You know those days where you feel like you’ve worked your butt off, but actually achieved very little? Fix it with RescueTime, which shows you completely impassively (well, it is a software program!) where you’re wasting time in your day.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a procrastinator, give this a go. I was genuinely shocked by the amount of time I was wasting time researching ideas on social media…

6. Technologo Instant – Price: $19 per month (free trial available) – Useful for: Virtual Samples and Presentations

Yes, Technologo is a sister company of Customer Focus, but I’ve used Technologo Instant (previously Right Click) for going on 8 years – long before we became part of the same group!

If you’re looking for a super-quick way to add an embroidered-effect logo to a t-shirt, or an etched emblem to a crystal award, there’s really nothing more cost effective and easy than Instant. You can download the virtuals or add them to a customizable vFlyer that’s part of the program.

7. Buffer – Price: FREE for entry level package – Useful for: Managing Social Media


Social media is like a fast-moving river. While there are 100,000s of people lining the banks, you have no idea when they’re dipping their toe in the water. Your posts could be viewed by 1, or 100, or 1,000 people.

Buffer makes it super easy to schedule your posts, so an hour spent one evening finding articles that you think will be of interest to your customers can turn into two days of scheduled posts, leading to more chance of connecting with your customers.

8. Wakie.com – Price: FREE – Useful for: Positivity


Although it seems on the face of it to be kinda weird, I’ve found Wakie boosts my productivity as I leap out of bed with renewed purpose!

Instead of your alarm clock, a stranger calls you at your allotted time and gently coaxes you out of bed with humor, curiosity and cheerfulness. There’s no weirdness (calls are disconnected after 60 seconds and you can’t trace the number), and it really does put a smile on your face.

Have any can’t-live-without apps? Let us know what they are in the comments!

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  • Thanks for such a fantastic article. First really useful ASI article I’ve seen in a long time! Excited and will be trying four of these things!!

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