How often should you send marketing emails?

Ignoring emailsFinding the right frequency can be a delicate balance. You know you need to communicating with the people on your e-mail list regularly, but you also need to make sure that they aren’t feeling overwhelmed – and of course, you have your own schedule to worry about.

How much time can you invest into creating and sending e-mails each month?

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the question, there are steps you can take to determine a frequency that will work for you and your audience.

Let’s look at some steps to follow:

Learn from what you’ve done

If you’ve already been sending e-mails to your customers and supporters, you have plenty of information to help you decide on the right frequency for your business.

Use the information you have available to create your own benchmark:

  • Your open rates will let you know if people are looking forward to receiving your e-mails
  • Unsubscribes will indicate whether your messages are having the opposite effect.

While frequency won’t be the only factor that influences these metrics, these numbers do provide insight into how receptive your audience is to receiving your e-mails.

Understand your goals

Looking at the past performance of your e-mails will also help you to determine what’s working and can make apparent any problem areas that exist.

The next step is to put a schedule together that will help you reach your business goals. Consider the following questions:

  • What is the goal of your e-mail marketing?
  • What information do want people to act on?
  • What is the best way to deliver this information?
Customer Focus Blog Newsletter

Customer Focus Blog Newsletter

It’s important to have a regularly scheduled mailing that readers can depend on. For most businesses, this will be an e-mail newsletter with updates and relevant news from your organization.

You’ll also likely need to communicate with your audience with more timely messages to help you reach your goals.

For example, as a distributor of promotional items, you may want to increase traffic to your blog. A weekly e-mail highlighting and linking back to your content is a good way to do this.

Or, if you have seasonal offering but want to keep your clients engaged throughout the year, a monthly newsletter during the slower season and an increase in frequency as you head into busier times may work best.

Focus on your audience

Before you can make any final decisions, you’ll need to make sure you truly understand the people you’re trying to reach.

While you may start off by making a decision about how often you reach out to your audience as a whole, the next step will be to identify the groups of people on your list and create a plan that’s specific to them.

You can learn a lot about your audience by looking at your e-mail reports.

Customer SurveyTo take a deeper look into the makeup of your audience, consider sending an online survey to check in with your readers and learn more about what they’re interested in.

Ask them what they want from your business – and even how often they’d like to hear from you. This can help you create a plan that’s tailored for them.

Put it all together

When you start to answer these important questions, you may have some concerns about the amount of time it will take to keep up with your e-mail sending schedule.

For regularly scheduled messages — like monthly newsletters or weekly updates — create a master e-mail template to avoid having to start from scratch.

If you have a particular time or day that you dedicate to getting your marketing done, you can create your e-mails ahead of time and schedule them to send in advance.

Constant Contact and Customer Focus

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