5 Ways to Make Your Promotional Products Website Work Better

Promotional product distributors have a problem. You’re selling the same products at the same price as 22,000 other companies – and your key differentiator is in delivering exceptional customer service.

Which is great – but it doesn’t solve the problem of how you get more customers so you can deliver this wonderful service!

We conducted a live webinar on November 17, 2015, which aims to show distributors how you can leverage niche marketing to help you achieve better search engine visibility, get better quality leads, and be in a more commanding position regarding pricing.

We look at creating search engine optimized pages, and how to write content that encourages visitors to turn into leads. We explore how to use email marketing to promote your website, and what analytics to measure to ensure that you do more of what works, and identify what doesn’t.

Here’s the recording of the presentation:

Here are the slides that accompanied the presentation:

Further reading

We rattled through a lot of content in a short space of time, and so here are links to several articles which explore the topics covered in more detail:

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