How To Position Yourself As An Expert So You Can Charge More

customers pay more, increase priceIn every buying decision, customers want to find an expert who has a proven solution and track record.

And when they find that expert, they’re willing to pay more simply because they’re the best. Supportive research by Defaqto shows 55% of customers will pay extra to guarantee a better service.

So rather than participating in a price-cutting war like most other promo distributors, take a different approach by becoming an expert in your niche field. By doing so, you’ll have the ability to charge what you want and customers will still buy from you.

For example, Jim and John own home-improvement businesses. Jim is a jack-of-all-trades, offering everything from lawn care to window installation. John updates kitchens–nothing more. Who do you think is going to charge more for a kitchen remodel? And who do you think is seen as the expert when it comes to kitchen updates? It’s obvious.

The same concept applies to the promotional products industry. This doesn’t mean you can’t sell outside your niche, but you need one or two niches that you focus the majority of your efforts on. Bear in mind, there’s no magic wand that I can wave over your head to deem you an expert, but what I can do is show you how to capitalize on strengths you may not know you have, and how to present those strengths to others so they can see your true expertise.

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Define your expertise

You’ve heard the saying: Jack of all trades, master of none. It refers to a person that is competent with many skills but spends too much time learning each new skill that they can’t become an expert in any particular one. Here’s the fact of the matter: as a promo distributor, you’re competing against thousands of others who are selling the same products, at the same price (or sometimes cheaper).

You’ll have a better chance of success if you concentrate your efforts on a single niche. For example, tailor your services and products to education, healthcare, awards and recognition, apparel, or even special events… But avoid trying to be the expert of all five. Choose the niche that you have personal experience in, see as a growing industry or one that simply has the most opportunity in your area.

Share your story 

Your story plays a key role in presenting yourself as an expert. It will connect you to your audience and give them deeper insight into what exactly makes you and your business unique. Be sure to describe your deep knowledge of the promo industry and how you’re able to benefit your target niche audience. There are many different ways for you to deliver your story, whether it be plain text, a video, a blog post or through a series of photos. Either way, the actual message is what really matters.

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Boost your online credibility

One of the most effective ways to communicate your expertise is to create an “expert” website. There are many elements involved in building a killer website, but the main elements include professional design, highlighting your presence on social media  (followers, subscribers or fans), and showcasing your work.

Another way to increase credibility is to share your knowledge of the promo industry by writing blogs. This will allow you to flex your expertise muscles, and the SEO will drive people to your website.

Create (or join) an organization

Creators of organizations are deemed as  authority figures as the creator must have the approval and respect of the industry. By creating your own organization within your niche, or joining a reputable one, you’ll help boost how others perceive you as an expert.

Start by creating a group on Facebook or Linkedin, inviting like-minded individuals in your industry. Within the group, you can share insight and recommendations on how to thrive as a promotional products distributor. The larger the group gets, the higher your credibility will grow.

If you back your group with quality content and positive group management, your community will in turn support you and deem you a leader in that niche. Here’s how to create a group on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Share success stories

Social proof is one of the most powerful triggers denoting your level of expertise. Send an email to your list asking them how your work has had an impact on them. While some customers are kind enough to send you testimonials without even being asked, others will need you to ask.

You have knowledge that others don’t have and are willing to pay for. And by following the steps above, you’ll be well on your way to letting your customers know you have that knowledge.

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