Stop giving your time away for free: How to sell your services as a consultant

Selling on price is a hard-to-achieve strategy in the promotional products industry. It’s possible to succeed if you have an effective eCommerce website, low overheads, great relationships with a few key suppliers, and a marketing plan designed to help you win business from the internet – but that’s not the reason most distributors got into the business.

You’re a people person, a problem solver, and not a simple seller of commodities. The maddening thing is that clients seem to expect you to deliver these consultancy services for free most of the time!

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right planning, positioning, promotion and presentation, you can command a fair price for services that you might currently feel you have to give away. Join us to learn how in this free webinar!

The live webinar took place on December 10, 2015, and can be viewed here:


The slides from the presentation are available here:
[slideshare id=56025986&doc=sellserviceswebinar-151210181448]

Customer Focus and Constant Contact

We’ve partnered with the Constant Contact team to make it easy to create targeted lists of customers. When you use Customer Focus Ultimate, you’re collating a huge amount of useful information about your customers, from what they’re interested in, to how often they buy, their industry, size, likes and dislikes.

That information can be seamlessly transferred to Constant Contact in the form of lists, for example, ‘healthcare’, ‘buys apparel’, ‘loves special offers’. With one click you can update or create a new list in Constant Contact, and then use Constant Contact to send them a professional, mobile optimized email promotion that really speaks to their needs.

Learn more at

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