3 ways to create a personalized experience for your customer

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We all enjoy that feeling of walking into a shop and being recognized and treated as an individual. The truth is that personal touch can often make the difference in whether we decide to buy a product, and this is no less true when it comes to our online journey. To put it bluntly a one-size-fits-all strategy is simply becoming obsolete, as the benefits of a more personalized customer experience are proving to increase engagement, return on investment and brand loyalty.

So what can you do to start making your customer’s experience personalized?

Tailor your website and remarketing

Your website is often your first touch point with your customer. Think of when you visit another website… doesn’t it make it a great deal easier when that website remembers your contact details and purchase information? Most ecommerce customers simply expect to receive a personal service from a store nowadays, that recognizes them and how they shop.

Remarketing through Google Adwords is also a very clever way of targeting people who have previously visited your website. Previous visitors can see very tailored ads you have designed for your different products as they browse websites that are related and part of the Google Display Network, or as they search for terms related to your products or services.

Personalize quotes with images

Did you read our blog on the benefits of using images? Images say a lot about your business and the quality of the products you are selling. If you show your customers shoddy photographs of your products are they really going to be impressed?

Technologo_PromoMarketingEnews330x250pix_1066918Our Technologo services allows you to create unrivalled realistic virtual samples of your products – with the ability to upload your customer’s logo, add text and even imitate print methods. By personalizing your quotes in this way your customers will truly feel special and you may open their eyes to products they haven’t even considered before. We also have a new Custom Flyer service which will let you create personalized product flyers of a selection of supplier products to send to your customers in minutes.

Don’t become Spam

Have you checked your emails today yet? I’m guessing there will be at least a dozen or so spam emails that you didn’t want anything to do with. But why? Where did these companies go wrong?

Let me ask you this… if the email had your name in the subject line and “looking for some winter boots?” when you’ve just bought a lovely new winter coat, would you be more likely to open it? The answer is yes! Having personalized content is key to increasing engagement with your email. Just make sure you carry this through to the email content as well.

Not sure how to do this? There are a lot of email software solutions out there that can be integrated with your ecommerce platform to monitor behavior of your customers. This ranges from storing information such as their name and location, to what products they have bought, viewed, abandoned at checkout, etc.

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