4 Great Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Never a truer saying than from Albert Einstein himself “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Creativity isn’t just for artists and designers after all…. Whatever your job role, bringing a little ‘out of the box’ thinking is sure to add value to your business acumen.

But let’s face it, it happens to us all from time to time… we’re at work and the creative juices refuse to flow despite everything you are trying.

Here are 4 great ways to boost your creativity:

  1.  Find inspiration

There’s no better place to start than to find yourself a muse. Be it art, music, quotes, whatever you can find to give you that creative brain wave. Why not start by copying someone else’s style? As long as it’s not blatant plagiarism it’s quite common to use other people’s work as a starting point to find your own way.

  1.  Use social media

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest? Social media is a great platform to find and connect with other creative people. Get involved in group discussions, comment on your favourite photos, anything to get a creative dialogue started that might jolt your own creative juices.

  1.  Look after yourself

When we are physically active the body releases endorphins which make you feel good. It’s much easier to have your mind free and clear when you are in a positive and free thinking mood. When you feel your best, you perform your best. Make sure you also get adequate rest and eat healthy foods too.

  1. Practice makes perfect!

When you first start an idea your end result is rarely your desired result. This is absolutely normal. Creating is often a lengthy process which mostly consists of trial and error. Why not start practicing designing that next email, social banner or whatever you are working on with free online designer Artworktool? You can sign up for a free account here and start designing straight away!

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