4 Reasons Why Print is Still Alive and Kicking

Doomsayers and digital media gurus have been ringing the death knell for print for years. But these predictions of the end were premature. Instead of disappearing, print media is just reinventing itself for a digital world and a shared market.

So while you may be pulling out all the stops to make your business a big hit digitally, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t neglect the world of print to connect with your customers.


Coffee and magazines1. Engagement – According to a survey[1] by Two Sides last year, consumers in the US said they preferred print articles to digital ones and felt more relaxed and receptive when reading them. It also helps that people can be rather sceptical of information they receive online, where misleading or plain false information is alarmingly common. Digital media may be accessible and great for reaching a wide audience but for really engaging directly with your customers it seems print still has a trump card.


2. Durability – At home I have a drawer full of takeaway menus, coupons and adverts, while select magazines are kept throughout the house. On the other hand, I often find it difficult to locate an article I was reading online the day before. Even if I can remember exactly where I read a piece, there is always the possibility of it being deleted in time. Being able to keep your material close to hand is a huge advantage for both you and your customer.


'Cut Here' sign3. Creativity – From 3D pictures to cleverly-folding flyers, print media really lets you think outside the box. Children’s magazines particularly thrive through the use of colour-ins, cut-outs and free gifts. Advertising flyers, meanwhile, can be unusually shaped, inventively interactive, or even made of an unconventional material. Great things can happen once you move past the idea of a magazine or advertising flyer as something to just read, but something you can interact with as well.


4. Opportunity – The online world seems to be becoming noisier by the day as every business is trying to create waves and draw a crowd. The world of print, meanwhile, has seen a substantial reduction in recent years. However, this means that any new publication launched today faces less competition and can take advantage of a market which could give them an edge, as Joerg Koch found out in 2000. He launched Berlin fashion magazine 032c as an advert to promote the URL but quickly saw it become hugely successful in its own right.


So don’t reallocate your print resources just yet. Print media can still play a vital role in helping you reach your customers and show your business at its best.



[1] Two sides and Toluna, 2015


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