4 common mistakes that are scaring your customers away

Haunted houses, scary movies and Halloween parties: At this time of the year, being scared is generally a good thing and something that we look forward to… unless you’re running a business.

Here are 4 common mistakes that could be scaring your customers away:


Error Page Halloween1. Nightmare Website

A potential customer finds your website on Google. They then click on it and see a cluttered homepage, broken links, pages of text and bad navigation. A website like this is enough to terrify any potential customer which will ultimately lead them to press the back button and find an alternative.



Bad Emails

2. Lost Emails

Bombarding your customers with emails in the hope of getting a sale is never a good idea. If anything it will cause your emails to go in people’s junk folders, never to be seen again. Avoid your emails being lost by creating emails that have a snappy subject line, have clear content and are targeted.



Stressful businessman has a lot telephone calls3. Mad Mistakes

Working in the promo industry can become quite complex when it comes to quantities, colours, imprint methods, etc, so errors on orders and quotes could possibly occur during the process when rekeying data. Extra care should be taken as mistakes can be detrimental to a business.



Ses oder Saures4. Horrible Images

When your business aim is to sell a product rather than a service, focus should really be paid upon the quality of the image. Avoid using blurry, unrealistic images or images of poor quality as this will only result in your products being portrayed in a negative way.



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Happy Halloween 🙂


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