4 Business Habits to Burn this Bonfire Night

Being your own boss can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging times of your life so it’s no surprise that even the most successful business owners pick up habits along the way that they’re not particularly proud of. If you’re guilty of committing any of the business sins below, then this is the perfect time to burn these old habits and establish new, healthy ones!


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#Bad Habit 1: Failing to Prioritise
We understand – managing multiple tasks when you own a small business can be hectic, overwhelming and tiring at the best of times. However, taking everything on at once only means you’ll only be spreading yourself too thinly resulting in no meaningful progress in any area. Have a clear focus and get the most important task that will benefit your business done first.



Problem Solving - Hand Stopping Domino Effect#Bad Habit 2: Fear of Change
Change is a scary thing, especially when you’re set on working in a particular way that you’re comfortable with. But the truth is there’s always a better way of working. Technology is constantly changing so be on the lookout for an easier, quicker and more seamless way to work (and that doesn’t have to mean the most expensive) and you’ll find yourself winning orders.


Man sleeping at his desk#Bad Habit 3: Sleepless Nights
We all wish we had more hours in the day and it’s no secret that entrepreneurs are workaholics, after all, the more we work, the more progress we see. But a strict limit should be set here – working too hard for too many days in a row can start having an impact on your physical and mental health. Even one night of restful sleep can make all the difference so find that balance.



Business man pointing the text: Delegate#Bad Habit 4: Not Delegating
Being overprotective over your business is acceptable; after all, it is your baby. You may cling onto every task out of that desire for perfection, but it’s a not realistic option in the long run and something that you definitely can’t do forever. Start delegating and trusting your team and you’ll be pleasantly surprise at how well it can work out for you and your business!



So if you recognise any of these business habits, it’s time to take action.
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