7 Top Tips for a Successful Trade Show Follow-Up Campaign

With all the planning and the organising of exhibiting at a trade show, not to mention the big day itself, it’s tempting to think that the hard work is over when the doors close on the final day. But you’ll need to keep that momentum going to bring business in from all those leads you’ve worked so hard to generate. A well considered follow-up campaign is crucial, so here are our seven top tips to make sure your business’ potential isn’t left behind on the showroom floor.


Prepare – Trade shows are busy events at the best of times and you’ll want to begin your follow-up campaign immediately. So give yourself some breathing room; have some emails and social media posts and prepared beforehand so all you need to do is tailor them with the details of your new contacts and you’ll be ready to go in record time.


Notepad and pencilRecord details – Obviously you’ll want to take down the particulars of your visitors to follow up on later. They will likely have business cards to give you but don’t count on that. If nothing else, always keep a notebook and pen for taking details the old fashioned way. And along with contact details, note down little memory-joggers that will help you remember who they were – perhaps a little of what you spoke about at the event. You can pepper your later marketing with these details to add a real sense of connection and engagement.


Add an urgency code – While you’re taking down your notes, it helps to classify your leads in terms of urgency such as A (highest priority), B (medium priority) and C (lower priority). By the end of a trade show you can be walking away with a whole host of new contacts and you will want to follow up on the most important ones immediately.


Social media – Social media is the perfect tool for forging relationships with new prospects. Try to ensure that visitors to your stall leave their business details so you can find them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook at least.


EmailEmail everyone – And that means everyone; even if they didn’t come and see you or attend the show at all, you should still get in contact with every customer and contact. If you keep them informed of what happened and how the show went for you, you’ll help them to make a mental note to see you next time.


Persevere – Don’t just send out one follow-up email and leave it at that. Consider sending 2-3 to new sign-ups in the first two weeks following the show, keeping them as personal and tailored for their interests and field as you can manage. Take the time to explain the value of your business to them and then add them to your marketing lists to receive blogs, webinar recordings and other valuable content, keeping yourself fresh and relevant in their minds.


Rebook – For most annual shows, it’s never too early to book your slot for the following year.

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