How to boost your sales this Black Friday

Are you ready to engage your customers and drive more product sales this Black Friday?

Web savvy shoppers are definitely ready to work their little fingers to the bone to find the best deals to be had.

So let’s take a look at what you can be doing to help your online sales:

Social media

Social media is a great platform to take advantage of ahead of the Black Friday buying blitz and during. It’s a great way to offer exclusive sneak peaks of your deals, and drum up excitement and interest before the big day.

Once Black Friday arrives there’s no better way to encourage liking, sharing and engaging with your posts than tactics such as; Sharing coupon or voucher codes, offering exclusive deals to social media followers or making coupons exclusive to different social networks.

Hand-picked suggestions for your best customers

Why not make it easy for your customers by sending them a flyer with special Black Friday deals already branded with their company logo?

Technologo’s Custom Flyer tool provides a simple way to add a customer’s logo to all products on the flyer, again and again for as many customer’s as you want. It’s quick, easy and effective! To register your interest please click here.

Exclusive deal emails for loyal customers

This could easily go hand-in-hand with a Custom Flyer. Simply have a special deal or coupon which only your special and loyal customers can use. And remember special can mean everyone in your contact list. Just make sure the email feels personal to each customer.

Provide extra support and service.

It’s good to remember that people like low prices, but they also love to feel valued. Consider offering extended support or simply remind your customers of your refund policies and other assurances to reduce the possibility of buyer’s remorse.

So with Black Friday fast approaching, now’s the time to action.

We wish you the best of luck driving those extra sales this year!

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