How to win your first sale online

So you’ve just set up your new online store. You’ve got a fantastic looking website with a wide range of products that you just can’t wait for your customers to see! Question is how are you going to drive customers and prospects to your website and get the sales rolling in? With hundreds of channels out there, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out which one will be best to market your business effectively and drive that all important traffic to your website.
Before you begin to explore, set up a Google Analytics account to track the effectiveness of your efforts so you can continuously make improvements and be the best ecommerce marketer that you can be!

Here are our top free and paid methods to kick-start your online business:

Spread the word on social
Word of mouth is a powerful thing. In fact, a recent study revealed that 64% of marketing executives believed that WOMM is the most effective form of marketing (Forbes, 2014). The likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are gold when it comes to maximising awareness of your online store. Make an announcement to all your friends and followers and get them to share, like and comment on your post. Don’t forget to add a link to your online store on your profile.

Post on online forums and groups
This is a great platform to build authority, get feedback & advice, and of course raise awareness of your web store. Most importantly, it’s an amazing way to get you in front of the right audience. Find the right forums using the likes of Google – simply type in the type of forum that you’re looking for and google will deliver a load of results! Engage with your audience and becoming an expert in your field.

Create your own blog
Not only is blogging an easy way to attract thousands of new customers, it can do wonders for your website rankings. Google loves new and unique web content and they’ll reward you by letting you climb up in search engines! Creating how-to blogs and educating your audience is a winner. Remember to share your blogs on social networks and even send out a blog newsletter every month to spread awareness.

Send out email campaigns
It’s the quickest way to distribute a message to your customers and prospects. Emails marketing can be very effective if done correctly. There’s multiple email marketing providers out there, Constant Contact, for example where you can easily create stunning emails without any design skills. Try sending an email out focusing on the launch of your brand new website, hot products of the week and special offers for your clients.

Advertise on social networks
The power of sponsored advertising on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is truly realised when done correctly – it gets you in the front of people who you want to target and dramatically boost website traffic. Starting your adverts is extremely easy and flexible. You basically set your target audience, budget and the duration of your advert and you’re ready to go!

Create product videos
Video makes people more likely to buy: “Viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video,” according to Kissmetrics. And the prices don’t have to be extortionate, either. There’s multiple websites out there where you can get short videos created for a one-off fee. Consider a video about a new product launch, a product that’s a top-seller or an overview of just how brilliant your website is!

Boost visibility with Google AdWords
When someone is looking for a product, the first step that they’re likely to take is to search it up on Google, for example, ‘Tote Bag’. Prior to setting up an advert, do some keyword research to see the scale that you’ll be reaching with specific words. There are two advert options on Google – text ads (those that appear on at the top and down the right hand side of search result, and Display ads (those that include images and text and displays on websites to what you’re selling).

Remember – all activity is based on the goal of driving people to your website, therefore web page links should be visible on all marketing activity. Good luck!

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