6 Twitter tips for your online store

If you’re an online business and you’re failing to maximize any social advertising opportunities, then you’re missing a trick. Twitter, for example, is extremely powerful for ecommerce store owners and can easily be used to increase customer engagement and sales. 

Here are 6 helpful Twitter tips to make your online business a #success.


1. Upload profile and banner image 

Your profile is the window to your business and we all know that first impressions count, so carefully think about what you’re going to include here. Firstly, nobody is going to take you seriously if you’re using the default image of an egg as you profile image and the same goes for your Twitter banner. Instead, use your company logo as your profile picture and choose a banner that represents what your company stands for. 

Here’s a great example:

LinkedIn: Without even looking at the company name in the profile, we’d instantly know who the company is. Their strong brand means that it’d be clearly recognizable just from the using the logo as their profile picture.  Their banner is equally as powerful and conveys the overall business message. Their high quality image is not only simplistic, but it shows a diverse range of people and career paths.


2. Complete your Twitter bio

Your twitter bio is equally as important as your profile picture and banner, yet quite challenging to get right. You have 160 characters to tempt visitors to further explore what you’re all about.  This is the time to get creative. Remember to include keywords and hashtags about your business as these will show up in searches. For example if you’re a promotional product distributor, include keywords that people are likely to type, such as ‘promotional’, or ‘promo’ or ‘merchandise’. 

Remember – practice makes perfect and you can change your bio as often as you want.


3. Tweet!

Getting your profile looking good is important to make that great, first impression. The next step is crafting a great tweet… in 140 characters. Twitter is best used as an extension of a brand so use it to converse with like-minded people. Tweets can be in the form of many things including a mixture of those that are sales orientated, educational or simply fun and non-business related. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Ask questions
• Product photos
• Videos
• Reviews and testimonials
• News
• Memes
• Tips 

Thousands of tweets are posted daily so stay relevant; research suggests that you should be posting at least 2-3 times a day.


4. Hashtags

A twitter hashtag ties the conversation of different users into one stream which you can then find by searching from the hashtag in Twitter Search. If you type in a phrase, brand, event or even a specific person and hit Enter, this will show everyone on Twitter who has used the same hashtag in a Tweet or in their bio. 

For example, #MondayMotivation has proven to a popular trend on Monday’s. Users tweet phrases, memes and videos with this hashtag every Monday, and is almost always a trending topic. 

If you’re promoting an event or a product, choose a unique hashtag and then broadcast this to your customers and prospects.


5. Find and Follow

Search for industry leaders and influencers within your industry and follow them. This is ideal when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest news and trends.

Remember to RT (Retweet) followers with great content! This will not only be useful content for a majority of people that are following you, but it will encourage industry influencers and leaders to check out your profile to follow you. 

Twitter is also a great place to follow your customers. For that reason, it’s important to advertise your Twitter account in as many places as possible and connect with them. This means on your website, emails, signatures…basically anything that you’re communicating with your customers. 


6. Respond in good time

When leads come in, responses should really be made when they’re still hot. You run the risk of a lead going to a competitor if you leave it too long, so you’ve not only lost a potential sale, but they may also choose not to come back to you in the future . The same goes for Twitter. When questions come in via a Direct Twitter message or a question through a Tweet, it’s important to not leave it too long before you send a response. It’s time to get interactive!


Now we’ve given you some tips, get tweeting!

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