Why do your customers want to buy online?

There are endless reasons why people choose to shop online in this day and age. Today’s generation is extremely tech savvy and prefer to purchase at the click of a button. Research actually revealed that 67% now prefer to search and shop online rather than in-store.

Here are a few reasons why your customers choose to buy online:

It’s convenient

The trouble with business hours is that they are pretty much the same for everyone. With an online store, your customers can shop from wherever they want, at any time they want. For those with a busy schedule, finding the time to search for what they’re looking for can become very difficult. Whether it’s early morning or late at night, an online shop is always open and ready to take orders.

There are no crowds

The beauty of online shopping is that you can eliminate the element of frustration when it comes to waiting in long queues. When purchasing on an online store, your customers are always in the comfort of their own surroundings and browsing at their own pace. Therefore, they are more likely not to feel rushed or hurried.

It saves tons of time

By the time you drive to a store, find parking, make your way through different stores and wait in queues, hours can pass. Online shopping enables your customers to search through multiple websites at the click of a button and pay instantly, saving them that all important time.

There’s more variety

Finding a selection of brick and mortar stores around the same area can be tricky. Alternatively, customers who go online can broaden their search by just the click of a button, giving them more options and a greater chance of finding exactly what they’re looking for. Research suggests that 44% of online shopping begins by using a search engine.

You can compare

Not only can customers compare thousands of products online, but they can easily compare costs. With the vast amount of reviews online, customers can easily make quick judgements on their purchases and be confident about what they’re buying, too. In fact, statistics revealed that 55% of shoppers stated that online reviews influenced their buying decision.

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