5 Millennial shopping habits all ecommerce owners should know

By now, most of us have heard the word ‘Millennial’ whether it may be on the internet, in a general conversation or in business. 

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Who is a referred to as a millennial? 
Put simply, they are individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century, so those people that were born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. 

So what’s so special about them?
They’re becoming the ones who make those purchasing decisions in business, they’re the ones who shop online and they’re the ones who are extremely tech savvy. A huge 72% of millennials research and shop their options online before going to the store! 

So, if you’re an online business here’s some ‘need to know’ habits to help tackle this group:

1. They shop with their smartphone 

How does your website look and operate on mobile? Millennials value a good experience on the web when it comes to shopping online. They’re a digitally savvy generation so you won’t be forgiven if they have to squint or stretch the screen to navigate or view a product. Even when shopping in a brick and mortar store, Millennials use their phones to compare prices and read reviews. To win with this generation you need to provide an outstanding customer experience that isn’t only simple to use but visually appealing. 

2. They embrace loyalty programs

Millennials like to feel special, so if personalization is a part of your marketing efforts, you could have a customer for life. Whether it is providing a discount off their next purchase or giving customers points for shopping on their site resulting in rewards, loyalty programs are a well-known winner! In fact, 77% reported to participate in such programs. In addition, 78% reported being more likely to purchase from a brand with a loyalty or rewards program. 

3. The turn to social media for shopping information

Without a doubt, millennials are connected to social media. It’s their primary source of finding products, looking at reviews and seeing what kind of special deals are on. Studies also found that the traditional method of advertising, television and print media both fall behind other digital advertising methods. It was reported that 47% of millennials are influenced in their purchases by social media, compared to 19% for all other age groups.

4. They have sensitivity to price

A study conducted by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions revealed that 95% of millennial respondents have the same sensitivity to price as to previous years. Additionally, the price has the greatest influence on millennials’ purchase decisions above all other factors, including quality, brand, store, and availability.  More than likely, this is due to the simple fact that they have the ability to instantly price compare and save on almost anything that they buy. 

5. They love a seamless shopping experience 

Millennials love to do their shopping online and across mobile, but that doesn’t mean that brick and mortar stores aren’t appealing anymore. It typically starts with millennials starting their search online for good deals and discounts. They’ll then go to a physical brick and mortal store and scan a coupon on their phone at the checkout. 

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