3 top trends when marketing with promotional products

The right promotional product will not only build brand recognition and engage your customer, it will get an emotional reaction, and it’s this kind of engagement that is bang on trend right now. But how do you reach your customer on a personal and emotional way? Let’s take a look at some emerging trends.

1. Don’t be cheap – but do it smartly

Giving away promotional products are always going to be a good way to give a great impression of your brand and hopefully gain some initial attention.

If you want to build a meaningful relationship, then a cheap gift can reflect directly on your company. Going that one step further and sending higher value gifts is a great way to show clients you really care, and the more they use your item, the more visible your brand will be.

But what strategy can you put in place to maximize your ROI?

An easy plan to implement is to only send higher value products to those potential clients or customers who meet certain criteria. Maybe a prospect needs to give you their full contact details, or a customer needs to place a certain amount of orders… It’s a simple strategy but ensures that you only give expensive items to solid leads, making it cost effective.

2. Technology is top for Millennials

Despite new innovations in the industry, technology related giveaways remain number one for the Millennial consumer. Why should you care about reaching and providing for Millennials? Millennials are the age group who are becoming them important decision and purchase makers in business. You can read one of our earlier blogs to learn more about them https://channl.com/blog/5-millennial-shopping-habits-all-ecommerce-owners-should-know-about/

So what can you do to reach Millennials right now? Well, investing and promoting the use of technology gadgets that are useful and bring value to your customers’ lives is a great start.

To stay on top of this trend it’s important to keep up to date with what’s going on in the mobile and internet revolution. For example, mobile power banks and wireless chargers will be seen as lifesavers by any smartphone user.

3. Personalisation is still key

Personalisation has been a big seller for a while now and it is only growing more and more in popularity.

From personalisation in emails to branded pens, tshirts and power banks, a little thought brings huge rewards when it comes to reaching your clients.

This level of granularity in your marketing is a great way to gain trust and brand loyalty. After all which customer isn’t going to love receiving something that has been sent to them with a little thought behind it?

By creating an emotional connection with your brand, more customers are sure to keep your promotional gifts for longer meaning you create the opportunity for long term brand awareness.

How our Channl solution can help you stay on trend

With our Channl solution we can give you a brand new eCommerce website completely free of charge to get you up and selling online within seconds. There are hundreds of products available for consumers to browse which cover all levels of pricing – meaning clients can source cheaper or more expensive products quickly and easily. Of course this also includes them all important technology products!

What’s even better is that you don’t even have to worry about personalisation, as your website comes full ready for customers to customise each of your products with their logo, text and images all by themselves. Even better still, you can send each of your customers their own version of your website which will feature all your products already branded with their logo.

It really is that easy and the most effective way to get selling online today!

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