Top 5 promo giveaways for exhibitions (Infographic)

So you have an exhibition coming up? Great! But are you prepared?

Exhibitions are the perfect platform to showcase your work and reach out to potential buyers, but also a great place to meet and network with industry experts and make contacts. Attendees are there for a purpose and more often than not with great buying power, so they are definitely worth investing your time, money and effort into. But when the buzz of the exhibition day falls to a close will those conversations you had with potential clients quickly blur and fade into the back of their minds?

The answer is probably yes. Exhibitions can be an exciting experience but with a busy day walking around the hall and lots of competition it’s easy for people to get a little confused as to who they spent time with. This is where promotional products can step in. They are the perfect tool to leave a lasting impression and make you stand out from the crowd.

The best promotional products for exhibitions are those that are useful for the end recipient, bespoke promotional products may look impressive but if they don’t have a purpose for your customers they are not going to get used and they will quickly get disregarded.

So take a look at our fun (but useful) infographic for our Top 5 promo giveaways and be the superhero at your next exhibition show!

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