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Martin Varley, CEO of Customer Focus

The year ahead: 2017

It’s that time of year again as Martin Varley, CEO of Customer Focus, shares his take on the year ahead,...

PPExpo 2017

PPExpo 2017: Still the biggest, always the best

WHAT IS PPEXPO? PPExpo is the biggest dedicated trade show in the promotional products industry in the UK and Ireland....


7 Top Tips for a Successful Trade Show Follow-Up Campaign

With all the planning and the organising of exhibiting at a trade show, not to mention the big day itself, it’s...

A checklist

Create Your Own Trade Show Checklist

Happiness is a ticked-off list, or so the saying goes. Trade shows can be complicated affairs and if you’re planning...

Trade show

The 7 Most Common Mistakes when Exhibiting at Trade Shows

So, you’ve decided to promote your business and raise your profile at a trade show. You’ve booked your stall space,...


4 Reasons Why Print is Still Alive and Kicking

Doomsayers and digital media gurus have been ringing the death knell for print for years. But these predictions of the...