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Website construction

5 Ways to Make Your Promotional Products Website Work Better

Promotional product distributors have a problem. You’re selling the same products at the same price as 22,000 other companies –...

Niche Marketing

How to win business when you’re not the cheapest or the best

To become a market leader, you can be the cheapest, you can offer the best product, or you can provide...

Why signs work infographic

The power of signage [infographic]

Signs are usually sold to people who know they want a sign. Sounds obvious, right? But sign shops can, and...

How often should I email someone?

How often should you send marketing emails?

Finding the right frequency can be a delicate balance. You know you need to communicating with the people on your...

Social media or email marketing?

Email marketing or social media – where should you invest your time?

A frequent sentiment I hear from promotional product distributors and sign shops is that they have a great audience on...

Productivity Apps for Promotional Products

8 life hacks to make you better at your job

There are some services that, once used, you can’t live without. I’ve assembled my list of these ‘can’t-be-without’ apps, websites...

Customer Loyalty

How to build a loyal customer base

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important repeat, loyal customers are to your success. Turning one-time shoppers...

How to win at Google

Play the game of visibility – how to win at Google

Having higher visibility in searches is key to getting your business found. But exactly how do you improve visibility on...

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How to measure the success of your email marketing

Email marketing is the most cost effective way to reach potential clients and maximize existing ones. But two-thirds of campaigns...

Build online credibility

10 Website Hacks to Boost Online Credibility

As a promotional products distributor or sign shop, you’ll have done your fair share of research on how to separate...

Segmenting database

5 ways to cut through the noise and get your customers’ attention

Email marketing is a highly cost effective way to engage your customers, but only if they see and open your...

Sorry, but you can’t prevent people price shopping by masking product codes

When I see competitors’ marketing messages, I’m often impressed, inspired and intrigued – all good things that help us raise...

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