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Mastering Google Analytics eBook Download

Google Analytics is one of the top tools to monitor and analyze traffic on your website. It gives you an...

promo consultant, promo distributor, promotional distributor, consultant,

Stop giving your time away for free: How to sell your services as a consultant

Selling on price is a hard-to-achieve strategy in the promotional products industry. It’s possible to succeed if you have an...

How To Position Yourself As An Expert So You Can Charge More

In every buying decision, customers want to find an expert who has a proven solution and track record. And when...

Google Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide for Small Businesses

I’ve seen what happens when I say ‘Google Analytics’ to some customers. There’s a bit of fear (‘ugh that sounds...

Website construction

5 Ways to Make Your Promotional Products Website Work Better

Promotional product distributors have a problem. You’re selling the same products at the same price as 22,000 other companies –...

Niche Marketing

How to win business when you’re not the cheapest or the best

To become a market leader, you can be the cheapest, you can offer the best product, or you can provide...

Why signs work infographic

The power of signage [infographic]

Signs are usually sold to people who know they want a sign. Sounds obvious, right? But sign shops can, and...

How often should I email someone?

How often should you send marketing emails?

Finding the right frequency can be a delicate balance. You know you need to communicating with the people on your...

Social media or email marketing?

Email marketing or social media – where should you invest your time?

A frequent sentiment I hear from promotional product distributors and sign shops is that they have a great audience on...

Productivity Apps for Promotional Products

8 life hacks to make you better at your job

There are some services that, once used, you can’t live without. I’ve assembled my list of these ‘can’t-be-without’ apps, websites...

Customer Loyalty

How to build a loyal customer base

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important repeat, loyal customers are to your success. Turning one-time shoppers...

How to win at Google

Play the game of visibility – how to win at Google

Having higher visibility in searches is key to getting your business found. But exactly how do you improve visibility on...

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